Song of the week

Hello everyone!
This is just letting you know about a new thing I'm doing called "Song of the week" every week I'll post a song name and a link to a music video on my profile!
Most of them I'll just chows on my own but if you have an idea for a song I'll consider it:)
You can send my your questions, comments, or ideas vea journal comment, profile comment, PM, or E-mail (if you have mine.)
Well that's all for now! Hope you like!!
P.S. I might miss some weeks if one or more of the following acres; I'm sick, we're on vacation, I need to take care of my new baby sister, the house is on fire, my computer is broken, apocalypse, mutant bananas take over the world, ets.
May 26th, 2008 at 12:13am