Still trying to find myself

I'm going through that part of my life where i'm trying to find myself and what i believe. two nights a week i get that fact that ,just about everyone around me (except for my friends) wants me to be christian, shoved down my throat . i try to explain to them that i just need time to think and find out if I want to believe in that. they say i'll come around or something. like they're going to brain wash me or something. when i admited to my dad and bro that i wasn't sure what to believe in my bro made me feel like total shit and my dad and i got into and argument about me not wanting to go to church anymore. my bro is like the goodie-two- shoes and i feel like the fuck up. .......... damn..... it feels good to get this out.
April 17th, 2007 at 03:15am