What guys will do to you and your friends

HOLY SHIT!!! Today in school we got this neew kid right? well he was only getting a tour of our school, and my friends caught a glimps of him and think he's totally hot. well i only caught a quick glimpse also but i think he's not too bad looking either. lol my friends went nuts but i stayed pretty mellow cuz most guys that i see and think are hot in my school are comlete jack asses to me but anyway my friends by the end of the day they had found out his name, where he moved from, and some one told them that he was gay. i want a gay shopping buddy lol. but all my friends kept saying "he's mine" and shit like that and it really started to piss me off. like i said the only ones who stayed mellow about the whole situation was my friend Morgan and me. it's kinda sad. all this from a little glimpse of the guy!! and he hasen't even spent 1 whole day at the school. O MY FUCKING JESUS!!!

well, tomorrow if he does show up at school then we're gonna invite him to luch or try to talk to him or somethin. so do you think it's a good idea? cuz i'm afraid of my friends flipping out and throwing themselves at him.
April 18th, 2007 at 12:44am