Zeh explanations on disappearances.

Explanation numero uno.
Considering the huge works going on in our house, it's quite normal that things stop working just like that. Our Internet most likely did the same thing.
It didn't work for like, a week, resulting in me missing a lot on here. I apologise if I made anyone worry.

Explanation numero dos.
I'm leaving on scouting camp July 3rd and I'll only be back July 13th, which means I might come back July 14th, but I can't promise anything, because computers and televisions and all that jazz are too much of a shock to me then. I know it sounds weird, but the first five days after a scouting camp, I can't bear technology. I'll get all primitive, and I'll want to make campfires, cook on them, sleep in dirty tents, wash myself once a week in a river and all that shit. So I don't know when I'll be able to function normally again,

I do get the urge to disappear ever once in a while, even when I don't want to (see numero uno), but I'll always return. :cute:
I apologise in advance for any future, similar things.^_^
July 1st, 2008 at 09:45pm