I must find the button!

A friend of my dad's went crazy today.
Said he needed to find a button, then he ranted aboutl Will Smith, and then he got into a high speed chase with the cops.
No joke.
Me and my mom made jokes about it. And my mom called his ex-wife (one of her best friends asides me) and laughed about it a lot.

We had a bbq today becuase my dad would be working tomorrow and on July 4th.
We probably won't pop firecrackers this year. Which is cool with me, because i'm scared of fire being close to my skin.

My mom saw the new principal today. I asked her a lot of questions. Like
What color is his hair?
What color was his shirt?
What kind of cheese did you cut for him? (he walked in the store my mom worked in and asked her to cut him some cheese, my mom came home and started making fart jokes...lmao)
Does he look like Gerard Way?
Is his hair short or long?
What's his name?
Do I sound like a stalker for asking all these questions?

Last night I watched "The Black Parade Is Dead!" with my mom and dad.
My mom wouldn't shut the fuck up during it.
And I made a revalation last night. I never want my mom to go to a My Chemical Romance concert with me, ever.
In response to the time she spent watching MCR with me, I'm going to watch Prince for the same amount of time on Friday....she wants to do it all evening. But I decided against that.

These past couple of days have been awesome.
It's nice to be around family....
July 3rd, 2008 at 05:08am