I'm so upset, i love him and he doesnt like me at all.

I've been chasing this boy over 2 years, and I really like him, hes my first real crush, he always says were just friends, and i know he means it.

I recently had a friend come over, and shes a year older, her name is Akii, and Ithink "mello"(nickname for my crush) likes her. he says that she is his type but we're twins practically, im upset because he knows her for 10 minutes and decides he likes her, ive been friends with him for two years and im not his type because im not beautiful like she is, im not lez, but shes hot. shes pretty, and im not, im awful looking, im scrawny, i have no chest, and im ugly.

i was talking to him on msn, about a party type thing im having and he says why not
'seven minutes in heaven?'

you can imagine how i reacted, because i have a party every month, and now Akii is here this is the only time hes ever suggested truth or dare and spin the bottle and 7 mins in heaven

I want to hate him but I cant, my life sucks, she is only here until the 21st of july too.

I feel as if he wants to steal her away from me.

She doesnt like him back at all, and im glad, but now my descision making control is wavering, im thinking of letting everyone beat up on him like they want to.

But i cant let that happen.
July 6th, 2008 at 09:05pm