how come love sucks?. pt 2

Matt is a guy ive known for about a half a year, give or take a month or two. at the party type thing, it was kind of obvious he liked me, and he kept putting his head on my shoulder, putting his arm around me, we hugged a lot, and no matter what, he was always within arms reach.

While we were swimming(it was a pool party, then when everyone got out it was dubbed goth/punk/formal.) he always stayed right by me, there was everyone in the pool, and i cant swim, so when i went underwater i got kicked a lot, plus i cant swim underwater without my goggles, ive had several eye operations, and i cant even open my eyes.

well Mello wanted to do a 'whirlpool' where everyone swims in a circle one ways and then it starts a current like a whirlpool. I cant swim. so i went under by accident a lot because we got the current so strong i couldnt stand up, the curent would sweep away my legs. both Matt and onii-chan helped me swim but mostly matt. and apparently, misa-chan, onii-chan, and naomi-chan all noticed the fact that everytime id slip under, he'd take my hand and swim with me, other times when he had to pull me up from the bottom, he'd hold up me so i would go under for a bit, at first hed take my arm, then onii-chan took my arms from behind and was swimming backwards with me in front/on top of her, then Matt did it, then i flipped around so i was on top of him still, but i was facing him, he was holding me up by my elbows, but it was ok, and he never squeezed my arms or anything. in fact he was very gentle about it.

Matt is sweet and all, but i still like Mello, i just like Matt now too. And i feel bad, because i'm not ready to go out with anyone yet, i'm going to wait until i'm at least a little over Mello, for his sake. I dont want to go out with anyone but Mello yet because I might hurt them for liking Mello.

At the end, people(Misa, Vicky and her two twin brothers(vicky and her brothers are triplets), and onii-chan) were teasing me because i nearly had my first kiss. Misa and onii-chan were yelling 'kiss her!' when me and Matt said goodbye when he had to leave. I didn't hear it, but they did when supposedly he said 'I would but not in front of my brothers' and they said he wasnt smiling or anything, that he was dead serious. (yes im 14 and i havent even had my first kiss yet.) and noone would leave me alone until 4am, they kept asking me questions, onii-chan was mad that im still not over mello, and now i think Mello is jealous of Matt and I'm worried, because i think its over me.
July 16th, 2008 at 04:42pm