stuck between two(love triangle.) and i dont know what to do.

all my friends supported my crush mello. now they act as if they hate him, all because another guy likes me

im so mad, i still like mello! and they just tear me in half by trying to steer me towards matt, the guy who likes me. i cant believe just because someone else like me they act so bad about mello. it makes me feel mad because they dont ask who i WANT to go with, and now i dont have to decide who i want to go with, but also who gets to be happy with MY relationship that i dont have yet. if i go with mello my friend will say i should go with matt, but i will be happy, if i go with matt, my friends will be happy but i wont.

how come i have to worry about my friends when it comes to dating? I know mello can be mean, but he is really nice to me, and he isnt nearly so perverted to me.
i know matt isnt perverted at all, and hes always really nice. but i also need a guy who isnt so formal with me, and who can be the one who is in control in the relationship, not who gives me total control.

please comment on this and tell me what to do!
July 18th, 2008 at 07:53pm