I met The Living End today!

Today, Saturday the 19th of July, 2008, I met one of my favourite bands, The Living End, at an instore signing in Sydney.

And it was fucking awesome.

The day started off with a train from my town to the city of Sydney. I went with my friend Louise, who isn't a big fan of TLE, but has seen them live and likes them anyway.

We caught the train from Central to Wynyard and got lost as soon as we came out of the train station. xD I called my dad to ask him where the hell I was meant to go, and he gave me directions that I probably should've paid attention to more...

We tried to find the Virgin Megastore, but kind of wandered off in a random direction and decided (well, Louise decided) to get something to eat. We went into the QVB food court and got some food.

We then headed back in the direction of what we thought was right, but it was in the complete opposite direction. I called dad again, and he told me that we'd gone too far. So we backtracked, and found the Virgin Megastore. The stupid thing was that we'd been there just this morning, and had stopped right outside it to look at a map but didn't notice the actual store.

I'd been expecting a massive line, but when we got there there were only eight or so people lining up. Me and Louise took our place in line, randomnly wandering around the store occassionally to pass the time. We'd arrived at about 10.30am, and the Living End's signing wasn't due to start til 1PM.

I met a really nice person in the line, called Sarah, who was totally cool. She was a massive TLE fan.

At about 12PM the signing's sponsors, Nova FM, came and set up their banners and shizz and by that stage the line had begun to grow in length. This announcer from the station, who was orange with fake tan and wore a really skimpy outfit, tried to warm the crowd up by interviewing us and everything with a microphone. It was extremely annoying.

Then she interviewed me. It was extremely embarrassing, having a microphone shoved in my face. She then asked me about the drawing I had made for the band:


And started telling me about how I should be the designer for the next album. O_O I kind of just wished she'd shut up. Finally she stopped talking to me, and moved on.

Just before TLE were due to arrive, she came back again and asked what my favourite song was. I'd never established my favourite TLE song before, as it had always been too hard, so I said 'What's On Your Radio?'.

And then they arrived. One of the coolest bands ever arrived, walking into the store and I was pretty whacked out by then. I couldn't believe I was in the same room as them.

They went downstairs for a few minutes, which was kind of random, but when they came out they took their seats for the signing. And so the signing began... we were told we could only have one thing signed. I'd brought a copy of Rolling Stone, which TLE were in, for them to sign, but couldn't, as I was getting my album signed.

And then it was my turn. I was shaking.

I went up to Chris and introduced myself, shaking his hand. He was so nice! Really down to earth.

I told him that he was one of the reasons I'd started guitar, as he's one of the most insanely talented guitarists ever. (in my mind, at least xD) He was really flattered, and inside my mind I was just going "sdjkasdjklasdjklasdjkasdjklsdajkl!" and couldn't really think straight.

I gave him the picture I drew, and by that stage I had TLE all to myself. xD Chris, Andy and Scott really liked the picture, and propped it up on the ledge behind them for everyone to see!

I chatted them to a bit, telling them that I'd be going to see them at the Enmore theatre later in the year, and Andy told me a bit about how nice it was to play there, and how it was a good place for whether you wanted to party or go to a gig. Scott was amazingly nice too... he gave me the thumbs up and said "Good on ya, mate" when I told him I was going to their concert. :D

I then shook Scott and Andy's hands (Andy has huge hands and gives really firm handshakes :cheese:) and sadly had to go.

On my CD/DVD album thing, Chris wrote 'Thanx for the pic' above his signature, which was pretty cool.

So that was my wonderful day meeting TLE. Amazing and cool and exciting beyond words.

July 19th, 2008 at 11:54am