Robin update.

Wow. Its been a while. Thanks to EVERYONE who EVER sent a comment. COOKIES TO ALL OF YOU!

Anyway. I've been writing a Robin Hood story for the past several months. I'm in the editing process now. I have promised to have it to my friend----who will edit for me, and hopefully not tell me that I'm a worthless ****-up who's ****ing wasting her precious ****ing time on a ****ing hopeless cause.

Having fun filling in the spaces? i thought so. She's not that bad, but she will tell me if I've ****ed up. Apparently, I'm not allowed to curse.

The story is set right after the Third Crusade--more often known as the King's Crusade--in 1194.

Little history lesson: The crusade ended in September of 1193. King Richard I (the Lionheart) was captured by Leopold of Vienna in December when he was returning to England. He was released in February, which means he probably got to Normandy (France) in April or May. He disliked England, and probably didn't go there until Septemberish.

Remember: This story, aside from certain points, is completely fictional. I have tried to make it historically acurate, but I am not God. Not quite, any way. If it is off, tell me. I want to get this published, if I can. Please respond to this so that i know what kind of audiance i'm speaking to. If i'm talking to myself, I'm not going to bother with journals, and that means you're missing vital info. THANK YA's!
July 20th, 2008 at 06:05am