Just a little observation.

I was reading people's journals to get an in-general idea of what I'd write about. I found some really, really intersting people's journals and they had some very intersting things to say. Which was pretty cool, and I had my in-general idea but I wanted to countine to check around.

Then I find like, seven or eight "omg i @m s0 d0p3d up m@n..." posts, except the grammar was worse. I can't even bring myself to type that horribly. But my question is; What the heck guys?

There was one post that was asking if the author should try smoking pot or not. I think that was reasonable, someone wanting to have someone help her out.

But I'm sure no one really cares how high you are at the moment. And I highly doubt anyone wants to read something with such horrible grammar. I mean, really. What type of stoner gets high and comes on Mibba just to post how high they are?

That's like the guy who gets high and bugs my brother on WoW.

It's pathetic!

Go check yourselves into rehabs and stop being so obnoxious, please?

God I sound mean, I know. But this is just really bugging me. I mean in all honesty, just how much do YOU care some bloody idiot who can't spell is high?
August 2nd, 2008 at 10:46pm