Life at the moment.

Well, I have my referal doctor session coming up. So basically I have to tell a doctor why I think I need to go to therapy so that on insurance the therapist gets paid. So instead of having to just tell the therapist why I am in therapy, I have to tell the doctor and the therapist. But I don't have to go into any details with the Doctor. I have the rerferal on August 5th, which is Tuesday.

I'm getting The Umbrella Academy soon, alsong with the new My Chemical Romance binder. I asked my mom if I gave her the extra cash would she get me TUA instead of the binder, but then she said just to give her my cash, which is 8 dollars out of the twenty something she's going to have to pay and she'll get me both. I love her for that, because I do want both of them very much.

I can't wait to go to school with my MCR binder, my Maths binder is going to be way more cooler than everyone elses binder, well if I chose that binder for Maths, I might chose it for History, English, or Science as well...but whatever.

My mom said my sister has started buying some of my clothes, I have to thank her, and hopefully she did okay. But I hope she doesn't think she can just buy her way back into good standards with me after what she did. I mean, I continue to love her she's my sister but what she said really hurt and she has yet to apologize to me for it. She apologized to my mom so she could apologize to me, but she hasn't apologized to me, and thats what I need to hear.

Well I'm going to go I'm reading a story on Mibba and I'm not even close to all the way finished.
August 3rd, 2008 at 10:28pm