I got two shots today!

Ugh, I had to get two shots today! Gah, all I went to do is go get a referal to see a therapist. But I had to get a Chicken Pox shot and a Booster shot!

My dad kept thumping me during the booster shot so I couldn't see the needle in my skin, but I didn't see any of the needles because I was busy staring at a Disney Picture on the wall.

I had to give a urine sample, get an eye test, get a hearing test, check my blood pressure, get weighed, and get my height measured.

I feel all weird now. They got a urine sample and all, I hope it doesn't catch the cooler I drank a couple of days ago, but I doubt it will.

All of this for a referal to an effin' therapist!
August 6th, 2008 at 12:43am