and then i screamed to jeff czum, "I’D DIE WITH YOU!!!!"...

because he said "i'm $%^%$(*$in' DYING up here!"

and after i said it, he said "I love you too!"

i went to the concert for cute is what we aim for.. and i found Powerspace, Danger Radio, and Ace Enders And A Million Different People.

i had thirteen dollars when i went, and i came home broke.
i bought rotation, because when you bought rotation there, you got a meet-and-greet with ciwwaf.
i also got a black rotation hoodie and a blue ciwwaf shirt, which i later had signed =D

okay, opened with powerspace.

as it turned out, mari and i were 'rating' roadies (at least, they were unloading equipment, we thought they were roadies..) on how they looked, and we gave tom schleiter .. i think that one was a five.. we though he was cute in a babyish way but his shoes were strange..

and alec cyganowski, the lead singer, got a ten from me (and alec, i have to admit, is quite attractive. and he has sex hair =O polish boy!) and a nine from mari ("because he doesn't have boobs!"). we found him working at the merchandise stand.

then powerspace came on, and then we cursed ourselves for rating band members before we knew they were in the band.

and after that was danger radio. i had heard "slow dance with a stranger" before but none of the other songs. they sound vaguely like maroon five =/ the lead songer was very short! and also very cute, also in a little kid way. and at the same time, a hot way too.

then was ace enders and a million different people. that's the band name, not just a random exaggeration. they were good too =D but i kept forgetting their name! as soon as i heard 'ace,' though, i could remember it. =/

but i really like that name! it's so random =O

the lead singer, as it turns out, is named arthur ("ace") enders, and that's just the rest of his band.

between ace enders and the next set, i went to get a water and wound up taking a photo with alec from powerspace. he is really quite awesome =D and he gave me this random water that had like one sip taken out of it, it was really nice. except it was warm. but who cares, i wasn't dehydrated anymore.

okay, and then finally there was cute is what we aim for!! GAHHH!!

shaant's voice is gorgeous =D both singing and speaking. and believe me, he spoke a lot. they had only played one show in saint paul before, and that one got screwed up badly =O

and he kept telling stories about it. and then he kept talking about 'redeeming themselves.'

don't get me wrong, i love cute is what we aim for, but the first time was funny, then after that it got lame =/

but the stories were good! he's a very good storyteller!

and after the show, i went and met them =D

they signed my shirt (that mari bought me from the merch booth), my cd booklet, and a poster which i'm giving to my friend steven. he was going to go, but couldn't. his dad wouldn't take him. =/

and then after that we went and hung out with powerspace (mainly alec) for about a half hour and found out he likes the white sox, is polish, and laughs at lame jokes (i told one about hollandaise.. don't ask =D).

and then they left, and then i ran into- OHMYGOD!- my friend mikayla (if that's how you spell it..) from my old school =O

she was like, "you look like someone i know."

i said, "so do you. her name was mikayla."

she said "OHMYGODTHAT'SME!!" and we hugged. and that was the crazy coincidence of the day.

and then we came home =D
August 10th, 2008 at 03:21am