SO ANGRY!!!! Why? Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has been pushed back!

Yes... It has been called to my attention that the HBP movie that was scheduled for a November release is now being pushed back to... JULY 2009! Seriously WTF?

They said on several websites that filming is completed, and they wanted to have a "better turn out", so they decided with a summer release. Honestly, they are making a huge mistake. I mean, filming has wrapped, and the movie is complete, why not release it? I'm praying that the fans revolt and protest against this injustice!

Right now, I am seriously disgusted by this news, and might not even bother to go see the movies. They already ruined the Deathly Hallows by splitting it into two movies, and showing them at separate times, and now they are ruining this film by pushing the release date back. Oh well, it's probably going to tank anyway with Radcliffe's acting skills...

And I am through! Woo, lots of ranting, and I am SO glad I got that off my chest.
August 15th, 2008 at 06:35am