Where is MY Heart?

Alright, so I did technically just "end" Where's the Heart? I bet you're thinking "Oh my she is a [UNPRINTABLE LANGUAGE]!!!!!" But I am not a [Censored].

And out of pure fear!! of hate mail and life threatening messages, I will be making a sequel to it, you jerks :P

Love is a two way street.

It picks up on Jade's life a year and six months later. I am working on the first chapter right now, so I'll be sure to post it today. I could never do that to you people because I love you all so much. As of now, I'm not sure, but I may be even making a third story after I finish this sequel, but it depends how I end it.

And yes, I promise, Edwin will come back. No hugs are necessary, but...you know...you could hug me anyway.

***hint hint***


And thank you for reading "Where's the Heart?"
...Even if you all scared me into writing more insanity!

Ok, now I'm done,
August 25th, 2008 at 10:39pm