tonight's episode of Bones was CRAAAAPPPPP!!!! GAHHH!!!!

okay, Bones tonight was CRAP. i really like the show; in fact, it's my favorite. but tonight's was HORRIBLEEEEEE. I cannot stress that enough.

It was bad enough to make me WANT to do housework, to get my mind off of it.

So, the last episode I had seen was in the first season, and I don't think I've seen any episodes from the other seasons. Tonight was one from season three, so there was a storyline that made me go "WHAAAT??!??!?!??!" and a new character as well.

So it started out with Seeley Booth's funeral. He hadn't actually died, as I found out later, but it was one of those things that made me just go HUH? because I hadn't been recapped. And I was just thinking, "Why is he dead? what happened to him?" and as it turned out, he faked his death for a national security matter. (he's an FBI agent.)

And then Gormagon (I don't know, is that how you spell it?), the cannibal serial killer who resurfaces in many an episode, decides to show up in this one, and there's a giant dealio about how to solve this new case. So Zack and Hodgins experiment to try and figure out what kind of chemicals are all on this stuff, and then it all EXPLODES. like...


And Zack's bleeding to death, onthe Jeffersonian floor. I'm really disenchanted there. So Zack goes to the hospital with third-degree burns on his hands, and I'm starting to tear up.. Zack's my favorite character! Let's just say I'm overly emotional, and I really like the show. And as it turns out, the chemical they were supposed to be experimenting with is switched with another chemical, which was supposed to make a mild explosion. yeah, mild my left tush cheek. it blew his fricking skin off. The person who switched the chemical is Gormagon's apprentice, and he's trying to make the investigation slower so they don't get caught, so everything gets all screwed up and everyone's a suspect at the Jeffersonian. it had to be one of them, 'cause of the whole national security thing. So Hodgins is the first suspect, and he's ruled out almost instantly, and also Sweets (the new character. I was really hoping it was him who was the bad guy, 'cause i didn't really like him. he was a jerk, and overly suspicious).

And then all the evidence points to


Yeah, ZACK!my favorite one. The one who I've sided with since the beginning. he just HAS to be the accomplice to a serial killer.

So I bet you all are wondering why Zack blew his skin off? Yeah, he was supposed to be able to get further away, but Hodgins was talking to him and he got caught up with getting Hodgins away, that he doesn't even really think about himself. Yeah, creepy that he's on the serial killer's side, but he still cares about his friends. that's a plus.


but WHYYYY did it have to be ZAAACCCKKKKK.
August 28th, 2008 at 06:11am