so I'm left with a decision.

uhh... well I don't really know whether to post this story or not. I did it out of boredom. And stories done in boredom usually don't get continued. So I'm going to have to make you guys decide. It's a Gabe/William/madeupfemalecharacter. William's bi, and he has Gabe for a boyfriend and an underage girlfriend with an 8 year age gap who doesn't even look or act her age. Like I said the story was out of boredom, so I think I might be making the plot as I go, and it has a high possibility of stopping if I lost interest [or if people don't comment :[ ] . Here's a bit of it.

“Boo!” came a voice from behind him, and soon he found small arms wrapped around his waist from behind, which came with a child-like giggle from the same person of course.

“Marianne! You scared me!” William said, not referring to the childish ambush from the girl but referring to the fact that he could almost not find her.

“You’re a scaredy-cat, William.” Marianne said, nuzzling against the bare of William’s back. “I was just kidding.” she said.

“I wasn’t scared about your little ambush, baby.” William said, softly releasing himself from the girl’s hug so her could face her, both his hands in hers as he towered over her. “I was scared that I couldn’t find you.” he said, bringing on hand up to brush away the stray black hair that fell over her childish face.

“Why?” Marianne said, titling her head sideways.

“I might not be able to find you again.” William said.

eh? Eeh? Well you decide. The fate of this fanfic getting posted or not depends on you. Oh, and I need a title. Suggestions will be loved. Last note: if it turns out people actually like this fic and an unavoidable writer's block infects me, I may let someone willing continue just one chapter and decide what's going to happen next, maybe it'll inspire me :]

tata, darlings. I laff yuu <3
August 28th, 2008 at 03:20pm