Book/Story of the Month!

This is something my friends and I have been doing for some time now and I decided to bring it to the web audience!
The basic idea is I read on average 3-5 books in a month, not to mention the tons of stories I read on here!
So how do I keep track of all thees stories you ask? Well I right them all down in my handy dandy reading note book!
I right down the name, author, whether the book is a bound book or net book, star rating, and review.
Then at the end of every month I decide which one I liked the best and then send all my friends a email with the information about the book.
I now have some friends that are helping me judge the books.

For more information on how to get monthly email and/or messages about book of the month, or if you want to become a judge simply message me or leave a comment.

Also fell free to nominate books for Book of the Month, and remember there's a new book every month so if it's not up right away it might be next month.
August 29th, 2008 at 09:56am