OMFG this is FUNNY!!!!!

So my sister and I are bummed out that we don't have a bottle opener. We have an electric can opener, so it's not like we have a can opener with one on it. So her husband usually opens the Heiniken with a bic and his hand. Neither of us could get it right today and he wasn't home, so we were moping because we wanted beer. Finally I got it, but just a minute ago I tried and I couldn't get it open, so I say; "Okay, you're home now, work your magic." And he does and we complain because we were doing exactly what he was and it still wouldn't work. So he says; "You gotta hold the bottle the right way, your fingers are too curved." And my sister says; "Dude, I'm doing it the same way you are, fuck you." and he says; "It's cause you don't have a penis, it's all those years of experience." And my sister blurts out; "But I still do it better than you do!!" And he says, "well..." I'm not sure what came after this; I was laughing too hard to hear, and my sister says, "yeah well, I don't care, I still do it better any day!!" I was in stitches, I couldn't breathe. I guess you;d have to imagine it, it was pretty funny.
April 26th, 2007 at 03:03am