Lover Awakened by J R Ward

Lover Awakened
J R Ward
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Bella--a strong minded, beautiful and elegant female of an aristocratic family--is instantly captivated by the cold hearted, soulless brother, Zsadist. Born a twin and kidnapped as a baby; Zsadist has had a troubled past filled with slavery, abuse and suffering. A man with many scars, both emotional and physical, is known among the vampire nation as a rage filled beast with a sadistic side. Despite his reputation, Bella cannot keep away from Zsadist and soon captures the attention of the beast himself. Failing to resist the chemistry and fire that electrifies between them, they soon form an unbreakable bond. Will that connection and love filled bond survive the vengeance that consumes Zsadist to avenge his mate who suffers in ways too close to the personal demons of his past? Will Bella’s love be enough to erase and heal the damaged wounds of Zsadist’s past…?