Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

Heart of Darkness
Joseph Conrad
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Heart of Darkness is the story of the evils of imperialism during the 1890s. The story is centered around the protagonist Marlow as he travels up the Congo River in hopes of finding the brilliant Kurtz. Kurtz is a charismatic genius sent to oversee the imperialism in Africa. After a few months, he went missing. Accompanying Marlow on the ship up the Congo is a few soldiers and a few cannibals being used as guides. During his travels Marlow sees the suffering of the natives and cruelty of his own country men. Eventually he discovers Kurtz to be very ill, but refusing to leave the Congo. Kurtz had become a divine figure to the natives and has enjoyed their way of life and the power he holds over them. As Kurtz and Marlow become close friends they both begin to question who are truly the civil beings and who are the savages.