Charmed and Dangerous: The Rise Of The Pretty Comittee by Lisi Harrison

Charmed and Dangerous: The Rise Of The Pretty Comittee
Lisi Harrison
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A prequel to the first Clique book. Four girls; Massie Block, Kristen Gregory, Dylan Marvil and Alicia Rivera all go to the same school. Massie is filthy rich and beta in the Ahnnabees, an A-lister clique at Presbeterian Middle School. Massie believes that the rest of the Ahnnabees: Brianna, Sauna, Lana and the alpha, Ahnna, are ignoring all of her superior ideas. She thinks that she would be a better alpha for the Ahnnabees. Dylan is the daughter of Merri-Lee Marvel, who is a famous talk show host. This year her mom is hosting a celebrity New Year's Eve Party, which the four girls are going to. Dylan consider's herself to be one of the boys and doesn't think of her body much. But is she as skinny as she thinks? Kristen's family is poorer than the other 3 girls. She really wants go to the party, so she ends up babysitting for money and finally ends up going to the party a little later than she planned. Alicia goes to a prestigious dance school and is one of the dancers at the party. There's also one more girl called Claire, who won a contest to meet her favourite boy band in Orlando. These 5 girls with 5 different personalities are destined to be in the same clique, but how will everything work out?