As You Like It by William Shakespeare

As You Like It
William Shakespeare
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Disguised as a young man under the name of "Ganymede", Rosalind flees her uncle's persecution, along with her cousin and jester. The trio wind up seeking sanctuary in the Forest of Arden, where her banished father is also hiding from his brother, unbeknownst to her. Meanwhile, Orlando, who has fallen in love with Rosalind, must also flee a persecuting relative; his resentful older brother, Oliver. Rosalind and Orlando eventually bump into each other in the forest, where he, convinced she's a man, confesses his overwhelming feelings of love for her. In return for wooing her everyday while pretending she is Rosalind instead of "Ganymede" (at least Orlando thinks he is pretending), she offers Orlando love lessons in order to "cure" him of his lovesickness.