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    I'm pro-choice. I support a woman's decision if she wants to have an abortion, but personally, I don't think I could go through with one.

    Having an abortion is our reproductive right! I don't understand how lawmakers – especially cis white men who know nothing about the female anatomy and will never experience what we go through with our bodies – think that it's acceptable to make these decisions for us? If anyone is going to be making laws about women's reproductive rights, it should be women. Although unfortunately, there are women in government who don't agree with abortion.

    I think if someone doesn't want one because they believe morally that it's wrong, that's fine, that's their opinion. However, just because you feel that way, doesn't mean that it should be the law. Because there are women out there who want to have an abortion or need one. People think it's just women who don't want babies and had reckless, unprotected sex. But it's more than that. There are women who got raped, women whose contraceptive just didn't work out this time, women who financially can't support a child, women that physically can't have a child, women that aren't ready at that moment but want one in the future, women who were pregnant but due to pregnancy complications they need an abortion to live or they could die along with their baby, or just women that don't want a baby. So like, why deny those rights to those women?

    These pro-lifers that are standing outside Planned Parenthoods (which btw, they do wayyyyy more than just abortions, ppl!!!), guilt-tripping people into not having abortions, it's like, "well what are you going to do?" For real. Like, these women are getting one for whatever reason. But if you're urging them not to because it's a baby or whatever, are you going to do anything about it? Are you going to fund her medical expenses? Are you going to take her to her appointments? Are you going to make sure she has a home that's safe for the baby and her? And if not, are you going to fund for her to get a better home? Are you going to provide for this baby once it's born? Pay for its diapers, clothes, food, etc? Like no, you're not. She will, (maybe lol), so it's like you don't get the right to tell someone to keep a child they don't want if you're not willing to provide the resources for her to have that child. People are quick to shame someone for having an abortion but if they back out, then they're quick to shame them for not being a good mother due to whatever reasons.

    And like, you'd think the government would have learned from the damn 60s back when the Sexual Revolution happened. Which basically was that people stopped conforming to have marital sex and rebelled with having unprotected premarital sex. Lots of women, obviously, got pregnant. But because of the anti-abortion laws, a lot of these women died because they would go down to Mexico to get abortions. And these abortions were not safe, they were typically done in alleyways.

    For me, the easy solution to have fewer abortions is simply just to make contraceptives free and easily accessible. Why is it that condoms are handed out freely in schools? We should have birth control be easily accessible and either free or just really affordable. Same with emergency contraception. Plan B is like $45 and you have to usually get it in the pharmacy. Unfortunately, you have bitches working there that'll find a way to deny selling it to you. I think it should just be out there like condoms are and should cost a lot less since it's literally one tiny pill you have to swallow. And they really need to stop going with the whole abstinence route when teaching sex ed. At least in my high school, they did that and she never went in about the different types of contraceptives for women. It was mainly about using condoms. That's why we have these teen pregnancies because we're not teaching them about what options they have and we're not having birth control be more accessible for them if they decide to have sex.

    My bad for the rant, lmao. Long story short: abortion is our reproductive right as women and we should be able to safe abortions. And if they want less abortions, make birth control more affordable and more accessible for women. And teach it more in sex ed, so that teenagers are aware of their options!
    April 18th, 2021 at 06:04pm