Do You Have Any Phobias?

  • n. josten

    n. josten (1270)

    Ghoul of 2016
    United States
    Female. 19.

    Batophobia - Fear of Heights/Being Close to High Things
    I used to not be afraid of heights, but ever since I got older, I'm terrified of them and I'm paranoid enough to think that when I'm close to a high thing, it'll fall and I'll die so I panic and do my damndest to get away from it.

    Entomophobia - Fear of Insects // Arachnophobia - Fear of Spiders
    This one is the most severe phobia(s) I have. I can't function around bugs and what's worse is that during the summer, there's a lot of bugs around where I live. I panic and start hyperventilating and I scratch at my skin harder than I should and I start crying. No one actually takes this phobia seriously until I start having a panic attack and even then, I think it's exasperation with me because the bugs are "harmless."

    Claustrophobia - Fear of Enclosed/Small Spaces
    Self-explanatory. Always have, always will.

    Nyctophobia - Fear of the Dark
    This one never really went away from when I was a child. It was never linked to monsters or anything because I never believed in them, but something about the dark is unsettling and I get panicky so I have to have someone with me if I have to go outside at nighttime.

    Taphophobia - Fear of Being Buried Alive
    I think this one links back to my claustrophobia in a way, but god, I panic at the thought of being buried alive.
    September 26th, 2014 at 07:26am