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    As many people that have said they love this series here on Mibba, I'm surprised I never found a thread on it. Anyways, I ended up getting into the series pretty late, but I'm glad I did. Anyways here's some questions to help get this thread started, as well as my personal opinions.

    1. How did you first get into the series?

    I actually got into the series by pure chance. Maybe it was fate, who knows. I played the Blazblue series a lot and after beating the latest game, I felt I needed something to keep me satisfied until the next one came out. While I was out looking for a new game, I saw that Persona 4 Arena was co-developed by the same team that made Blazblue, so I picked it up and instantly fell in love with the story and the Persona universe. From there I got Persona 3 Fes/Portable and I've been playing through that while waiting for Persona 4 to come into the mail. I also started watching the anime for P4 and now I'm dying of anticipation for the game to come in the mail.

    EDIT: I've got Persona 4 now. I can say without a doubt that the game has taken over my life. lmfao

    2. Which entry in the series is your favorite? Are the Persona games the only SMT games you play?

    In terms of characters and gameplay, I'd have to go with Persona 4, but in terms of story and moments that really tug at my heartstrings, it'd be a tie between 3 and 4, because they're just so infinitely relatable. I've also played a bit of Nocturne and Imagine, but I've yet to really get into them as much as the Persona series.

    3. Who's your favorite character? Favorite love interest?

    Male: It would definitely have to be Yu Narukami, just because he's so cool, especially in the anime. Female: Probably Naoto, since she breaks so many barriers in terms of character archetypes, and like Kanji, she's probably someone I'd crush on regardless of what gender she is. As for love interests, I'd definitely have to go with Elizabeth or Aigis from Persona 3 because they both show so much dedication and love towards the protagonist. Goes against the popular "Yukari/Protag" shipping, but I just feel both E and A have something much more lasting than Yuka does.

    As for Persona 3's female protagonist, it'd definitely have to be her and "Aki". tehe

    4. What's your arcana? (You can find out here!)

    Not surprisingly, I'm in the Lovers arcana.

    5. Thoughts on the possible Persona 5 story?

    I'm really hoping they continue where they left off in Persona 4 Arena. I won't spoil the surprise, but it ends on a cliffhanger involving characters from both Persona 3 and 4. While some people think that it's just milking the 2 games, I really think that their story could be expanded way beyond their endings. Persona 4 Arena proved that. But with all the layoffs Atlus' parent company has been having, I just hope we get to see it at all.

    Of course, these questions are only meant to help get a discussion started. You can answer them...or not, I'm a post, not a cop.
    May 16th, 2013 at 04:06am