Why Is There Life?

  • Wrackleford

    Wrackleford (100)

    United States
    Scientific theories and hypothesis have all pointed to the idea that we are here due to reactions of organic compounds during the formation of our planet. From there, we have a basic understanding that these compounds formed some of the smallest living things that eventually created organelles. Organelles soon became compounded into the basic unit of life, the cell. From there cells divide through mitosis and create some of the earliest living beings all the way to the globally dominant homo homo sapiens. Our question has still not been answered though. We were created by chance? Many people view it as so, some people reject science and see the birth of life by a God or supernatural force. However, there is one theory that proves to be a lasting refuge. Life (not just humans) were created in order to simply observe and bare witness to the spectacle of their own creation (as well as their creator, the universe). What if the reason was a whim of the mysterious ways of this universe. When studying dimesions, we understand that there are a greater number of possible universes that would not contain life (let alone anything we currently recognize that is not living) to that which we are in. Truely amazing. The kicker is the proof that supports this theory. Evolution of life has been stated as 'survival of the fittest', however there is a noticable pattern that as life evolves, the more senses and ways to observe the universe around us, have emerged. Beings with sight understand the universe to be one thing while an organism with one or zero senses may a completely different view of the universe. Keeping this in mind, humans (the current 'top dogs') can only observe a limited number of the particles and energy that makes up the universe. So could we possibly have stopped the evolution of life from reaching a point where dozens of methods observation (more than sight, smell, touch, taste and listening) could have been developed, thus resulting in a all knowing and understanding being! Humanity could have been just another bridge spieces to the true universal predator. Who knows, maybe these beings already exist and both humans and 'species x' lack a common sense in which they may have contact with one another. This idea could be similar to that of 'flat-landers' when talking about dimensions. Something for us to think about as life slowly evolves around us.
    June 22nd, 2013 at 06:00pm