Role-play Recruiting Thread #2

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    Hi, I’ve been gone a while but I’ve been very bored and missing having more than just a couple rps. I like to do original role plays, but I tend to use celebrity face claims. I’ve got a few ideas and I tend to like dark, sad, fantasy and historical themes, so feel free to message me. :)
    August 11th, 2020 at 06:27pm
  • Jinx...

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    Still looking!
    Hello, I have several plot ideas. I am looking for an rp partner or a few that are willing to really invest in the plots. I would prefer to have a partner that replies once a day to at least every other day with fairly lengthy responses a paragraph or so but I get it sometimes replies are shorter, sometimes mine are too. Please be willing to keep in contact with me about ideas and when life gets in the way. Just looking to make a few great stories that really capture the audience. I hope one of these stories will take root in your imagination!

    Idea one:
    Leo and Olivia meet one summer before 8th grade. They became great friends during the hardest time in both of their lives. By the end of the year their romance was blooming and they shared all their secretes. From Leo becoming an orphan because his abusive father died and becoming his own caretaker to Olivia's mother passing away and her father becoming distant and starting to drink. As high school starts their romance blooms and it looks like they are going to start dating until Olivia starts running with a different crowd. Leo doesn't like the way it is changing her. Olivia and her father end up moving away Olivia and Leo on bad terms. They both having been in love with he other but never telling each other even though they promised to always be there for the other. Years later Olivia takes a job as a photographer for a famous author for a project run by their publisher. Only to find out it is Leo going by a pin name and they are scheduled to spend a year traveling across country doing this project together. Only she is still bitterer about how they ended things. Leo has never been one to hold grudges but he sure is acting like it. During their trip they start to get closer though Olivia pretends like she doesn't care as much as she does and doesn't feel as much as she does. Leo sees through it but doesn't say anything until one night after a few to many drinks they get closer than ever before to actually making love. When Olivia stops them and confesses that she is engaged but doesn't love the man. Leo having always been her fixer tries to help but this man that Olivia is engaged to is a little more possessive than either of them realized and comes after Leo though neither of them know it, yet.
    So we would start at the beginning with them meeting that one summer.
    I would write Olivia.

    Idea two:
    A woman steps into the underbelly of the world. She goes from being a lonely sophisticated but powerful rising business woman to a sex slave wooed and tricked by a man she had recently met through a friend. It’s a steamy play on submission and how even in dominance one can still be vulnerable.
    This can definitely be doubled.

    Idea three:
    Set back in the medieval times in a different universe a boy is on the run from an evil society that is running the world covertly. He runs into a girl in the forest catching her using her elemental power. Using elemental powers is forbidden. In exchange for his silence he is offered a meal at her place with her aunt and sister. The guard which is like a group of soldiers for the evil society knocks on the door after dinner the boy had been ratted out by someone. The girl helps the boy escape but looses her family in the process but learning that the boy also has an elemental power. The girls finds out that her family has been taken for questioning. She and the boy decide to team up to help get her family back but fall in love during the process. Even though the boy is afraid of falling for her because he is afraid of losing her and often try to keep her at arms length.
    I have lots of twists and turns for this plot and there will be many other characters as well so it could turn into a doubling plot but starts just with these two characters and I would like to write the female.

    Idea Four:
    The idea is that a set of twins gets pulled into the Fae land and are catapulted to different kingdoms. The twin A is brought to a land where the ruler of that kingdom is a kind man that can accept a human even when the kingdom still fears humans. Twin A wants to get back to her land so in exchange for use of his royal library and his help she agrees to let him court her into marriage while she is stuck there. The fae still believe that no one can return through the door once they enter. Twin A is thinking that this won't take long to get home so she doesn't think much of accepting his advances. Twin B, which I would like to write, lands in the dark kingdom where humans are like rare treasure but not treated with much morality. She is brought to the ruler of that kingdom and she at first thinks she's in a dream having dreamed of this land before. He takes advantage of this and swears her into his personal servitude as his slave for his every kinky dark desire and to keep her as a collection for his own. When she finds out she isn't dreaming, she is pissed but yet she likes what he does to her at the same time hates it because it is completely improper.
    The kingdoms eventually come together to try to figure out why a human has come into the realm. The dark ruler keeps his human a secret at first. After a while the humans begin to display magic, a magic that has never been seen before and the twins start to transform into fae and everyone is trying to figure it out when twin A finds an ancient legend about the twin sister being keys to an evil power in the kingdom that could tear the veil between the fae kingdom and the human world returning magic to the humans. Twin B is drawn to a part of the dark kingdom that no one has ventured for centuries while she is sleeping. After several of these sleepwalking adventures the dark ruler, having grown fond of her, lets her explore these areas, letting her wake in the cave instead of taking her back to the castle and covering her wonderings up. The place the twin is drawn to is the doorway. The legend states that the two twins can pass over through this door or if they are a part of a spell that their blood can destroy the door and rip the veil. The twins reunite after the dark leader is invited back to the other palace.
    At some point they find out that one of the other rulers of a different kingdom has known about this the entire time and has brought the twins here to perform the spell. The twins had been placed on the other side of the door for millennials before they were brought the the fae land, their powers transferring from generation to generation in the human world. Now they must either fight to stay in the Fae land knowing that they could be used by anyone, to destroy the fae kingdom as they all know it or they could pass back over to the human world and continue to pass the powers down. Either way they have to go through the evil ruler who brought them here to begin with.

    Also I am willing to hear and discuss:
    Escort plots, pet/master, teacher/student and something dark and twisted.
    Anything else really I will happily talk and see if there is any inspiration for me there! Mr. Green
    August 12th, 2020 at 08:57am
  • Sweet.Persephone

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    Hello! I am looking for an RP partner.
    I am asking for proper grammar and spelling, but mistakes are understandable. Paragraph form is preferable.
    As for characters, I would prefer to play the female role if we only make one RP! Otherwise doubling is great!

    Lost Heiress
    Story:Muse A is an heir/heiress but has no idea. Many years ago, their kingdom was attacked. They survived but were led away from the kingdom during the attack. They ended up in an orphanage in a village far from their kingdom, with no memories of their past or how they got there. Muse A's family member survived the attack and believes that Muse A survived too. They are offering a heft reward of Muse A's safe return.

    Years later, Muse B, a con artist, meets Muse A. muse B is amazed at how uncanny their resemblance is to the lost heir/heiress and decides to pass Muse A off, in order to claim the reward. muse C, Muse A's family member has seen many impostors over the years and is not even willing to see Muse A. However, as Muse A's vague memories are enough to convince some of Muse C's staff, they begin to wonder if they are really the lost heir/heiress
    Honey and Blood Don't Mix
    Story: Muse A is this tough guy, who is part of a local gang. He ends up falling for and getting together with this relatively nice girl. She is going to college and is the type of person who wants to make a positive difference. While he wants to be with her, Muse A doesn't want anyone to know. He is either worried about his gang members knowing h has a soft side (because he fell in love with such a nice girl/he would be super embarrassed) or he doesn't want others to find out his weakness because he knows his rivals will use it against him.

    I am also interested in playing something similar where Muse A is trying to stay away from the girl who just wants to absolutely rebel. Him being like 'please stop doing this and leave me alone' and her going along the lines of 'I want to be a part of your gang! Let me in! I wanna spray paint trains too!'

    Possible Twist: There are a lot of ways to twist up a gang rp so just hit me up.

    Sail Away with Me
    Story:Muse A is on the run. Running from a life they ever wanted. Behind them is pain, abuse and no say in any life choices. So muse A runs. Life on the run is not the fairy tale that they imagined it might be. Life is even worse and they can't take it anymore. Muse A decides to end it by jumping into the ocean. They end up in a rip and are pulled out to sea.

    A boat comes across Muse A. Muse B is a sailor on the boat and rescues Muse A from the deep water. Muse B nurses Muse A back to health and as Muse A recovers, Muse B discovers their story while falling in love with Muse A.

    Muse B decides to avenge Muse A and bring justice to those who wronged them. They decide to let everyone think that Muse A has died, that way Muse A can start a new life with Muse B.

    Possible Twist: Muse A can end up on a ship of people that are not so friendly. Muse B could expect something in return for their assistance. Perhaps the people that Muse A are running from are truly terrible and comes after them both.
    Fall into My Reality
    Story:A royal, Muse A, falls through a portal and ends up in the 'real world' There they meet Muse B, a workaholic who doesn't believe in much of anything anymore. As these worlds collide, two people from two very different realms must learn to adapt to one another.
    - I would also be willing to do this in reverse, where Muse B falls into the magic realm.
    Possible Twist: The person that ends up helping the other Muse can end up wanting something for their service or lies about how their world works to get what they want from them. The world that either muse falls into could not be so nice.

    Strip for Me you Little Tease
    Story:Muse A is a 21 year old stripper, flirting with customers to pay the bills. Muse B is a slightly older regular who has fallen for the young dancer and does all they can to track them down outside of work. Muse A either feels the spark or is horrified when the creep shows up at their house at 2AM.
    Tea for Two
    Story:Muse A is a wealthy bachelor who has not settled down. He is certainly of high enough standing and is very tempting for other families in good society. Many families are, and have tried, to tie Muse A down with their female family members. Muse B is the natural daughter of a high nobleman, who was only accepted later in life. Though, being brought into good society late has caused its own trials and tribulations. Due to Muse B's unusual circumstances, she has caught the eye of Muse A. Though this will bring its own obstacles.
    Possible Twist: Muse B could end up being sold to Muse A. Perhaps Muse B forces her into marriage because he is so high in society.
    Sweet Flowers at Death's Door
    Story:This would be based off of the Persephone and Hades myth from Greek Mythology. Specifically, that Hades kidnapped Persephone and kept her down in the Underworld in order to become his bride. This is due to how lonely Hades has become and wanting a Queen. I actually have a lot of ideas for this that we can discuss over PM.
    Satan's #1
    Story:Muse A is a lonely person who sells their soul in order for Satan to be their friend. Satan just rolls with it and protects them during their life...until he realizes at the time of their death that he genuinely likes them. Since he can't renege on the contract he takes Muse A to Hell and puts them in a position of power. Demons hardened by millennial of torture now have to answer to a shy, self-conscious, quiet, sad, lonely person who has unintentionally become Satan's #1.
    Possible Twist: It is literally Satan. Hit me up, we can talk there is a lot of possible twists here

    Reincarnated Lovers
    Demon/Human or other creature
    Mafia Member/non mafia member
    Werewolves/human or other creature
    Vampires/human or other creature
    Arranged Marriage
    Dragon Shapeshifter/Human
    August 14th, 2020 at 08:47pm
  • Countermeasures

    Countermeasures (100)

    Eragon RP anyone? I have a semi plot ready!
    August 17th, 2020 at 10:18pm
  • Villainamous

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    Hey guys, I'm looking for some RPs but unfortunately I don't think any of my fandoms are really all that popular on this site, but I'll give it a try anyway.

    I've got a few rules, but I'm not as picky as some people. You MUST be over 18, must be comfortable with some darker and more serious themes, must be *at least* LGBT+ accepting and comfortable. Must be able to double.

    -The Magnus Archives: I'm looking to play Jon, Gerard, Tim, or Elias mostly.
    -Critical Role: I'm looking to play Mollymauk, Yasha, Vex, Vax, or Zahra.
    -Dragon Age: I'm looking to play Krem, Cole, Fenris, and Leliana.
    -The Dragon Prince: I'm looking to play Runaan or Viren.
    Six of crows: I'm really only looking to play Kaz, but I'm open to other characters as well.

    I'm also interested in some plots with OCs!

    -60's era mafia rival gang romance.
    -Zombie apocalypse.
    -Fae x Human.
    -Magic school. (sort of like Hogwarts)
    -Really anything high fantasy/DND themed.
    -X-men type super hero school setting.

    NSFW/NC17 plots.

    -Character A is an in-house dom that works at BDSM club, character B can be new to town, or a first timer to BDSM in general.
    -Kiddnapping plot.
    -Slave/master plot.
    -Royal/peasant plot.
    -Character A's ship was destroyed and is 'rescued' by character B who is a pirate with a bad reputation.
    August 18th, 2020 at 09:22pm
  • katahdin

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    hi all! i'm looking to start a few new rps. i have a few specific plots in mind, but i'll put the vague ideas/themes that i have below, so if you're interested in any of these vague plots, or want to hear the specific ones that I have (which also fall under the below categories) just send me a message!

    vague themes:
    - historical/period
    - witches/magic
    - mythology/folktales

    - doctor/patient
    - neighbors who don't get along
    - rivals/family enemies
    - pirate or sailor/mermaid
    - selkie/human

    plots based on books/movies/etc:
    - ACOTAR
    - the witcher
    August 23rd, 2020 at 04:49pm
  • american nightmare;

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    Hey you guys. I have been wanting to get a few more RP's going. I am hoping anyone out there would be up for some. Here are a few things I love to role play, I am always up for new ideas and suggestions too.

    -Avenged Sevenfold
    (Matt or Brian)
    -My Chemical Romance
    (Gerard or Mikey)
    (Zach or Eric)
    -Chicago Series(Med, Fire, PD)
    -Ice Nine Kills (Spencer)
    -Teen Wolf {Scott}
    -Ghost Adventures {Zac}
    -Sons of Anarchy {Jax or Chibs}
    -Marvel (Tony Stark or Steve Rogers)
    August 26th, 2020 at 04:49pm
  • Iron Man.

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    Hi everyone! Because I haven't been writing, let alone active on Mibba, I decided on roleplaying. I don't have many ideas though I'm open to any kind of idea.

    I'm kinda looking for anything fantasy based, romance based or just anything that can get my brain thinking and my creative juices flowing.

    I will play any male roles as needed (no doubling is needed unless my rp partners want to double---I dont want anyone to feel obligated to do the whole doubling thing since I always felt that people were feeling obligated to do that when someone agreed to rp with them).

    I don't mind doing slash or femmeslash rps and if there's any particular fandoms you want me to do (esp ones I'm not familiar with) you may have to give me some background info on the character you want me to play and the fandom they're from.

    I can do:
    -Marvel (esp anything X-Men or Avengers related)
    -animes (depending on teh anime tho)
    -Stranger Things (IDK if anyone would do a stranger things rp)
    -Harry Potter (I may have lost some interest in HP but it still holds a place in my heart)
    -Disney (maybe we can use a plot to disney movie and just do something with it?)
    -video games (it depends on which video game)
    -Misc Shows/fandoms (Like I said, I can do just about any fandom but i may need some background info on any characters or fandoms I'm rping for).

    -Slice of life (basically every day life scenarios, probably pairs up with drama and romance)
    -Basically anything (though stuff with rape and drugs may be a bit iffy)

    (I have some ideas but atm i can't think too clearlly because i just woke up so yeah sorry But i am open to brainstorming ideas with anyone!)

    I will adapt to most writing styles and post lengths. Although I try not to write a huge post (ones that rival a novel length chapter...) because while that can give me lots to work with, it is easy to get burnt out on writing up a response. But if anyone likes to write novel length posts than I'm fine with that. I'm not picky about grammar or spelling (given how my keyboard acts up once in awhile) and I'm not picky about my rp partner being in control of the plot and coming up with surprises, as long as my characters not being taken control of.

    Anyway that's all for now!
    August 26th, 2020 at 09:38pm
  • BadStreetBoys

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    Hey I am looking to start some new RP's. I’ve just gotten back from a long hiatus, life and school got in the way. I’ve got some more time on my hands and miss roleplaying. My main characters are 50/60's era greasers but in modern time. I'm up for any type of RP, I prefer original. I'm okay with NC-17, just specify your own restrictions, alright with any type of relationship. I'm fine with short responses as long as they aren't frequent. At least 3 sentences for the average. If you're gone a while let me know beforehand. Message me if you're interested. I do ask for 18+ partners just based on the content I've built most of my original characters around

    -Good grammar and literacy. Everyone makes mistakes, I do too, just please not every single post.
    -A post a day would be nice, more is better but it's not required. If you're going away let me know. Don't just leave me hanging.
    -Don't be repsondign to every other Roleplay but mine.
    - NC-17
    - I'm fine with doubling but prefer male parts
    - Let me know if you're doing something that will completely change the Roleplay
    - I prefer romance, but if you absolutely don't let me know beforehand
    - Prefer Het, but will do slash or femme. I'm terrible at femme though(surprising because I'm a lesbian)

    My first roleplay is a decently in-depth idea that I’ve done before and would like to revive, it involves a character I’ve created with a large background and deep personality. This general idea is my most wanted roleplay!

    Orlando Burton is a big tough guy living in Brooklyn. He is in one of the cities well-known gang. By some chance of fate one night he meets Bridget Hartman. The two hit it off immediately. What he doesn't know is she is the child of the two wealthiest, politically most powerful people in the state. Her parents don't seem to care too much about her, not even noticing when she had been sneaking out to go on dates with him. The one who cares is her older brother Bennett Hartman. He is crazy, and due to that he does anything and everything he can to keep Orlando away from his baby sister. Fighting him, having him arrested for false accusations, going after those Orlando loves. I would like to play Orlando; you would play Bridget and Bennett (obviously you may change names).

    Other roleplays I would love to do include

    - Accidental Pregnancy
    - Gangs
    - Mafia
    - Bad boy/Good girl(could apply to above)
    - Teacher/Student
    -Supernatural being/Human
    - One night stand
    - Mob Boss
    - College
    - Player gets turned by good girl
    - Teen Pregnancy
    Supernatural beings(not the show)
    Original plots

    Please Message me if you would like to start a RP with me!
    August 28th, 2020 at 03:55am
  • the autumn effect.

    the autumn effect. (100)

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    Hi everyone! I haven’t been on Mibba in quite awhile. Due to circumstances, I have waaaay more time on my hands!

    I recently started re-watching Teen Wolf and I would like to do a RP.

    I would like for someone to play Stiles. I am more than willing to double. At this time, I don’t have a plot in mind. We can either bounce things of one another, or I can come up with one.

    NC-17 preferred! Feel free to reach out! :)
    September 1st, 2020 at 01:31am
  • BadStreetBoys

    BadStreetBoys (100)

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    Good morning everybody! I know I recently posted about roleplays I was interested in. I just was looking through my old ones and came up with two more ideas that I would love to start with someone!

    Idea 1: The A List celebrity couple that everyone wants to be. Big name actor and actress, who, to the public eye, seem like everything you would want in a relationship. They’re rich, they’re famous, they’re gorgeous, and they seem happy. However behind closed doors is another story. They loath each other. Bickering, fighting, living together but living separately in the house. I was thinking this could have one of two options. The first would be they originally were in love, and a big fight one day caused tension that hasn’t resolved, b it the couple doesn’t want to break up because the perks of being the “it” couple were good. The other option is they filmed a movie together and got together after because it was good publicity but have hated each other, but again don’t want to break up because of the perks being a couple brings. Both I would like to start with them loathing each other and maybe building into a real relationship. I’d want to play the man

    Idea 2: This is kind of based off the Jade & Beck relationship from Victorious. The bad girl/bitchy girl with the guy who’s complete opposite, calm cool and collected. I’d like this to be a double, with the other couple being the opposite the hot headed asshole dating a sweet girl. The four are friends, with both hot heads not always getting along which causes rifts in the friend group. For this one I would want to play the calm characters.

    If either of these ideas interest you please PM me!!
    September 1st, 2020 at 06:53pm