The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

  • Barbielovesyou

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    United States
    An Agency that is called, The Bloody Generation has kidnapped a large amount of teenagers to test out some experiments. These experiments dealt with changing their entire body into something more useful and dangerous, and maybe add some powers to that. Basically, most of the information they had found out about most of the teenagers, was that most of them had a chance to survive in the world, and others would not.

    But, their experiments are not complete, and with that, they have thought to keep the teenagers stabilized with the food, shelter, drink, and activities they need to stay alive. But, the teenagers had enough of being kept in a cell where they couldn't see the outside world. Trapped in a well sustained dome, they wanted more than just what the people were giving them. Many have tried to escape, but ended up paying the consequences...

    Do you have what it takes to survive this place, or escape? Why don't you join, and find out, we'd love to have you. You have two choices: Find an escape, or die trying, the choice is yours.

    Have fun. ^_^
    April 10th, 2015 at 04:13am