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    Hello guys and gals! I didn’t see a topic about volleyball, also known as the greatest sport in the world. ;) So, I decided to make one. Here, you can discuss your volleyball career, favorite volleyball teams-basically anything volleyball!

    I’ve played volleyball for going on six years now, and I’ve loved every single day of it.

    I play (well, used to play because it’s summer) for my school, a court club team, and a sand club team.

    Out of these, I definitely love sand the most because it’s intense and there are only two of you on the court. You get to learn a lot about your partner through playing.

    In court, I’ve played every position.

    My absolute favorite position is libero.

    What is your volleyball career like?

    What’s your favorite position?
    June 14th, 2015 at 05:48am