• you are no temple

    you are no temple (100)

    United States
    Inspired by;
    [] [Misery by Stephan King] [Heathers]

    Storyline ;
    It's centered around two main characters; muse a and muse b. Muse a is kind, smart, popular. The apples of everyone's eye and has caught the eye of muse b. Soon, muse a is all that muse b can think about, muse b develops a attachment to muse a and soon it becomes unhealthy. Muse b not only stalks muse a but also kidnaps them after some time.

    I am very open to adjustments to the story and will discuss possible triggers. Anything else specific that you need to know, you can always just message me here.
    June 25th, 2015 at 09:45am