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    It wasn't supposed to happen to you, it was supposed to be a horror story that only happened to those distant acquaintances. Yet as Xan sat in her tiny bathroom she felt her world shatter into a pieces that would never be repaired. As her forest green orbs stared down, a thin layer of unshed tears gleaming, the pink plus sign seemed to mock her. A child. Xanthippe was pregnant with a man's baby she hardly knew. Remaining still, still perched on the edge of her tub the memories of that night she had met him came flooding back to her. She was celebrating, she'd finished her finals and had gotten an internship with a school that was likely to turn into a job. She'd gone out on her own down to a nearby club she'd previously dubbed to swanky to visit.

    Yet as she breezed through line, surely the form fitting little black dress with the daring v-neck helped her to get in, Xanthippe found herself enjoying the almost tacky beats of the club. When she'd gotten in she had headed straight to the dance floor. She was a gossamer partner, dancing only for a little while with one partner before moving onto the next. She had swayed her hips and really just allowed herself to have a good time, without worrying about what the other's around her were thinking. When she had gone to order a few shots- that's when things got complicated. He had breezed through the door, looking confident yet out of place; and an air of importance clung to him. Xanthippe hadn't really paid much mind, finishing off the shots she had ordered, as quick as she could so she could go back to dancing. Always Xanthippe had been a lightweight, and standing at just 5' and about 110 pounds- it was no surprise.

    By the time she found her feet out on the dance floor Xan was a little wobbly. She wasn't sure how much time had passed before she noticed that the man from earlier was dancing rather closely to her, shooting her gazes. It was the alcohol that spurred the normally timid strawberry blonde to move closer to him, her eyes dark and alluring. As if summoned he stepped forward, his hands resting on her hips as he danced with her- though subtly steadied the wobbling woman. Maybe it was his own dark gaze that made her knees weak, but when he suggested they go for another round of drinks, she agreed. And later that after easy talk and between shots- she thought it a good idea to take him home.

    And that was exactly what they had done, stumbled back to her place, their hands clumsily roaming each other's body he had taken control; pushing her against the wall and stripping her of the dress she wore like a second skin, the one that had been driving him mad since laying eyes on her. He had fucked her there, on the floor and neither had thought to use protection. He had thought she was on the pill after all most women were, and Xan was too far gone to ask about condoms. After he had climaxed, and made sure she had as well, never had she a lover like him, he'd picked her up and brought her to bed, laying down with her, pulling her nude form flush against him. In the morning when Xanthippe woke up with a headache that would likely never be forgotten, and then puked into the trash near her bed her eyes found a few things that alerted her that last night had actually happened.

    The first was a note, written in scrawling spidery hand-writing that simply read Drink the water and Asprin. It'll help with your hangover." And the second a note on the pillow beside her which still smelled of expensive tastes and dark amber, with a number jotted down. And Xanthippe had done as he bade her and tossed the paper out in her living room trash- likely she figured never would she need it again. It was a good fuck but Xan knew what a one-night stand was. And that had been her evening with the mysterious stranger. The woman had happily gone about her life for the next month, the lusty encounter slipping from her mind. Until that is she missed her period. Then she panicked. Did her last shift at the college's library and then made a rush for the nearest CVS. And that's where she was now; staring white-faced and teary eyed down at the little stick that seemed to mock her stupidity.

    Unsure of how long she stared down at the stick Xanthippe gradually became aware of an acute coldness seeping in her body and as if in a trance dropped the stick and staggered from the bathroom to her living room trash. She hadn't emptied it out since throwing the paper in there. Numbly upturning the trash watching as papers and wrappers from long-devoured snacks avalanche out it took her a few moments of frantic rooting to find the number, and soon she was ringing the number. It rang a few times before a groggy sounding voice picked up with a clearly agitated "Hello?" Biting the inside of her cheek, trying not to panic Xanthippe started in a numb and detached tone, "Hi. My Xanthippe. We fucked about a month ago-" Hearing him suck in a deep breath from the other line he started with a warmer "Hey Xan, what's up?"

    Pausing in relaying the news she faltered, knowing that these next words would probably ruin his life. However- it took two to make a baby and she wasn't doing this alone, or possibly at all. "Can we... Can we meet up? Can you come over?" Having not the strength nor will to tell him over the phone she fought back tears. However, he wasn't fooled and after a moment's pause he asked in a shockingly warm tone "Are you alright? I'll- I'll be over in about thirty." She nodded, and clearing her throat tried to sound strong. "I'm ok. I'll see you in thirty." Hanging up before she gave him a chance to respond, Xanthippe glanced around thinking rather mechanically. She needed to clean up, and sluggishly she went about her small apartment putting things in order and fetching the stick from the bathroom, putting it in a baggie and then onto her kitchen counter. She nearly wasn't ready when she heard a knocking at the door; and steeling herself strode over throwing up open.

    He was just as handsome as she recalled, if not more so and briefly she lost her ability to speak. He seemed worried, brows knit together while his hands were shoved deep into his pockets. Outside the busy street cars beeped at each other and people walked by, unaware of Xan's dire situation. Realizing she'd been gaping off into space Xan gave herself a little head shake before offering a ghost of a smile. "Hi, please come in. We need to talk about the other night."
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