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    Alright, first off, I'm so sorry that these results are so late. Life got away from me and I was behind on everything, but we got here eventually. IM SORRY.

    Second, I loved reading all of these entries. Drabbles are my favourite, because they are so challenging and powerful, and I loved seeing how each of you interpreted the song you chose. I had a really difficult time figuring our placements for these. But, enough of me talking, you've waited long enough.

    FIRST PLACE: Your Memories Will Soften by kaz brekker
    SECOND PLACE: Prendere Fiato by uroboros
    THIRD PLACE: Skywards by exploding boy.

    Congratulations to you all! Please message me with your choice of prizes tehe
    October 7th, 2017 at 08:42am