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    I usually do hockey, but I want to try something different. You may pick a TV series or Book Series that you didn't want to end and write what you think happened or want to happen.

    For example(s): One Tree Hill- write about the kids being teenagers and of course Jamie Scott in college.

    OR: The Hunger Games Series- wrie about what you think Peeta and Katniss are doing with their family. Have they seen Gale?

    We all know the season is less than a month away, so I figured, why not do a contest? This is my second contest, so same rules apply on my first contest.

    1. NO slash.
    2. You can change a series ONCE.
    3. You must include the link to this contest in your story’s summary or author's note.
    4. Please inform me if you need to drop out or if you change your name.
    5. Mibba Guidelines apply.
    6. 1600 words min
    7. Post the story on here or send me the link please
    8. Make me love characters I hate.

    ~A main role in one of my future stories/one shots.
    ~A one-shot about you and the person of your choice.
    ~Recommendation on two stories of your choice.
    ~Subscription to two stories of your choice.
    ~A comment or two on one of your stories.

    Brownie Points:
    ~You write about One Tree Hill
    ~You add hockey somehow into the story

    Deadline to Enter: anytime.
    Deadline to submit: August 5th.
    June 17th, 2017 at 11:01am