Who’s Your Favorite Character from The X-Men Franchise?

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    This is based on the movies only lol Since we all know characters are often different from their Comic book counterparts. You can alsp specify which version of the character is your favorite (since often times they are introduced in one movie and then reintroduced in another OR the actors or actresses that play the character changes as well as their story, personality, background, etc)

    My favorite characters from the film (I’m excluding Wolverine in all movies that he’s in, because it’s a given that he’s amazing lol and I feel like I would be cheating to add him to my list haha) are:

    1. Cyclops from the first three films- He isn’t given much to do and is killed off rather quickly, but I always felt like there was more to James Marsden’s version of Scott Summers if he was just given the chance. His scenes where he’s heartbroken over the loss of Jean and particularly his final exchange with Logan always made me wish that the writer’s would have done MORE with him instead of kill him off/write him out of the franchise. I wish they would have went a route where he became a stronger leader after battling his demons with Jean’s death and that he (not Storm) took over being Professor X’s succesor. And maybe even maybe he and Wolverine bonded over the course of X3’s events. But...

    2. Storm from the first 3 films-Even though I wish Scott would have gotten more shine in the original movies and I feel like Storm took his story line in X3 because of the demands of Halle Berry (she pulled the original Jlaw lmbooo...after winning an Oscar, she demanded that she get a bigger part in the script), I still loved her. Especially in X2 and X3 where she felt more like the badass weather goddess that she is!

    3. Mystique in the first two films. I don’t care what anyone says, Rebecca Rominij was more than just eye candy as her turn as Mystique. She really provided Mystique with just that “mystique”. From quotable lines like “You’re the reason why I was afraid to go to achool as a child” as she hijacks a anti-mutant politician’s plane, to her entire scene with Nightcrawler in X2 (“Why don’t you hide?” “Because we shouldn’t have to”)...I always felt like Rebecca delivered those lines with enough emotion that you understood Mystique had a deep past that made her not only proud to be a mutant, but also gave her a somewhat understanable reason for why she was in the Brotherhood and did the awful things that she did. Not excusable, but one could see why. Jlaw’s Mystique to me was always miscast from day one, but I love Jlaw so I don’t really care that much. She’s just not my favorite live action version of Mystique. To me, Rebecca Rominij pulled a more emotionally heart tugging performance as Mystique that made me feel connected to her (even though she was just cast because her body looks good) better than the Academy Award winning actress that took her place in the recent films.

    And those are my favorite X-Men characters from the film! What are you guys’s?
    April 16th, 2018 at 08:20am