Theism and Atheism

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    Theists and atheists. I will say that again. Don't feel attacked. Not yet. I am yet to unfold some mysterious revelations now and who knows you might want to change sides? Let's start with establishing what your stance is right now. Are you an atheist? Yes or No only. I am sure you have your reason to believe in where you stand and I am not here to convert that. We will just look into some facts and try reaching somewhere. No promises.

    Believers and non-believers, all of us want to be proven of the slightest possibility of the presence of God. The Big Bang is said to be the reason for the great expansion of the universe but what if there was another universe before that happened? Space was always there. Some spatial element was always there and something caused the Big Bang. The whole universe is governed by laws that we cannot comprehend, all the celestial bodies abide by those rules but who made these laws? So perfect and so accurate. I am not saying God did it but then, who?

    All of us, theists or atheists, want to experience, as Buechner puts it, God's presence. It is very much possible to believe in something and question it, at the same time. Theists cling on to their beliefs but somewhere, they must seek for the slightest hint to certify their faith. The tiniest possibility of God's presence is always sought after. Atheists have never seen such a thing and they have probably lost hope on witnessing something as grand as God's presence and so they just go about the easiest way of being a non-believer. But, in the essence of it all, we are all looking out for the possibility of God's presence. And, if there is a God, God wants us to feel the presence too.

    God is not trying to hide behind a curtain and not take the credits for this wonderful creation. It is evident that God wants to be known. God has put all this place, the Sun rises in the East every day at a particular time and sets in the West, the stars are aligned as they are, the heart beats at a pace, the water flows, the plants give out oxygen, the planets rotate, the clouds rain, and thus, God wants to tell us that the presence is there.

    We are just looking for some mathematical formulation, or Karma's solid blow to finally put us in our stand that what we believe is right. But, would we, though? Will that still be enough? Maybe God is one among us, maybe we cannot see God because our eyes don't detect the substance that creates God. Maybe, we are dumb enough to not feel the presence, maybe the universe will fall out of order if we knew who made it.

    Settling on a common-ground is not that easy.

    Our minds can play wonders, though. We hallucinate, we see things, we experience deja vu, we experience sleep paralysis, we go through the day imagining things, discovering things, acknowledging emotions. Our mind goes through so much and is capable of so much more than that, that when we experience something, it's pretty difficult to differentiate the reality from the imagination and thus, we cannot for sure blame or credit ourselves for connecting the dots and reaching a conclusion.

    That said, we cannot really take the mic from people who claim to have experienced a Godly presence and just discredit them. We simply cannot do that for them, and yet again, we cannot just point a sword at the atheists and blame them for being so ignorant. So, we have to reach a middle ground. We have to allow all of us to believe what we want and not hate the people who differ from us. Frankly, theists and atheists are not a cult.

    As far as theism is considered, let's say that maybe God exists and God doesn't. There is a higher energy form, which is regulating all of this and there is a possibility that miracles are just mere coincidences and our fates are not guided by the illusion of free will and there is an afterlife where we can right all our wrongs and we are all just trying to be good human beings and that Karma, is in fact, a bitch.
    May 26th, 2019 at 08:49pm