Slam Your Heart Out

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    Mibba Master
    Write a slam poem and perform it! Slam is quite the up-and-coming popular and modern form of poetry at the moment, and while we don't have the capabilities to upload them properly to Mibba, I would like to try and give homage to it! Upload a transcription of your poem (and I will be double checking to make sure that everything you say is what you have written) and a link to a video -- you don't have to be visible in the video, you can have it as a voiceover, but gesture and body language are also part of what packs a punch with this media!

    ► You must have a transcription of your poem & link to a video of you performing it as your entry
    ► Follow Mibba's guidelines
    ► Anything goes bar prewrites
    ► Message me if you want an extension

    To enter & submit: 30th June 2020
    [ subject to change ]

    ► Two comments on stories / poems of your choice
    ► Two layouts of your choosing (blog / story / poem)
    ► Five recommendations of your choosing
    ► Blog review of your slam
    ► Custom signature / theme

    May 22nd, 2020 at 03:14pm