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    The (unofficial) Mibba Discord set up!
    (I am lowkey abusing my board mod powers here, but...)

    I have a discord set up for everyone to stay in contact, with an actual mobile chat room. It is organized as well as I can make it so. There you can help one another, and have writing sprints (aka a timer for a certain amount of words) vs whoever wants to join. There is also a bot set up to create writing challenges, and you can share your social media links, anything you created that you want to show off and hopefully we can gain some beta readers!

    A breakdown of things:
    ★ An app is available for android and apple users!
    ★ Writing (word count) challenges
    ★ 'Character / World' building questioning bot
    ★ Graphic makers (hopefully)
    ★ Beta readers (hopefully)
    ★ A place to promote your story, and share your social media links.
    ★ A place to ask for feedback
    ★ You can turn off your notifications for certain channels, in case it makes your phone go off during a time you don't want it to.

    keep in mind that I did just make this discord server, so it's just me and the bots.
    Since there is plenty of spam going on here, so please reply and I'll send you a message with the invite link!
    July 31st, 2020 at 12:49pm
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    I like to take a look at this, the writing challenges might be fun in my free time
    March 23rd, 2021 at 11:57pm