Write a letter to yourself...

  • The Way

    The Way (1400)

    Pretty easy to do.

    Just write a letter to yourself about how you are now.

    You can ask your future self questions like: "Is ___ still your favorite book?" "Was the movie you were waiting for a flop?" "Who are your friends now?"

    Also, set yourself three goals for the next year, and when you revisit this you can see if you fulfilled your goals or not.

    The only rule is that you can't edit your entry throughout the whole year.

    You can only look at it in 2009 and answer your own questions.



    Post away.
    January 6th, 2008 at 05:42pm
  • The Way

    The Way (1400)


    Did you keep the faith?
    Did you get to meet them?
    Did you get to give him KTF?

    Did you see Maroon 5, JT, and Incubus?
    What other bands came here?

    Got to work on The Nothing Room yet?
    Are you still a Mibbian?
    Did you get to meet a Mibbian?
    Did you ever get to finish Matters, Have Kids, etc?
    Are the top 6 still the top 6?

    Did you go with Mon and Estachia?

    Did you cry in graduation?
    Did we push through with the grad song?

    How was college?
    Which one did you go to?
    Is it hard? Do you wanna give up?

    Do you still see people from the batch?
    Is Mara still your best friend?
    Did you go to foundation day?
    Whatever happened to everyone?

    Has your belief in God gotten stronger, or did it waver?

    Did everything work out the way you wanted it to be?
    Of course not.

    I wish you well.

    January 6th, 2008 at 06:02pm
  • Bite me?

    Bite me? (100)

    Dear Shannen;

    I know you wouldn't have kept your friends, well not all of them anyway.
    Are you friendships stronger than before?
    Did you and Ben go out and live happily ever after like your deluded mind wished?
    Or did you get over him and move on to someone else?
    Was Mel mad at you? Or was it all in your head?
    Did you lose anyone? Or keep them all successfully happy?
    Please let that be a yes.

    Did you pass year 10?
    Are you going to continue your schooling?
    Did you attend the debutante ball?
    If so who did you go with?
    If not, why?

    Is your attitude still as fakely happy as it is now? Or have you shown your true colors?

    You better have passed year 10 bitch.

    - Shannen.
    January 6th, 2008 at 06:10pm
  • The Brightside

    The Brightside (500)


    Did you remain loyal?
    Did Green Day release their new album and did you like it?
    Did you keep up with all your schoolwork?

    Are you still friends with them, or did the differences all become too much?

    Right now I'm angry. I'm confused. I'm helpless. And I don't really know what to do.
    But I hope my future self will.
    I hope that you'll have made changes, that you will have helped someone.

    And I also hope that you've been hurt.
    Because you need it sometimes. You need to know that this is real.
    That there might not be any 'maybe later'.

    Did you find a new sign of hope?
    A glimmer?
    A flicker?

    Did you succeed with Mr Brightside and achieve your goals?
    Did you achieve something, even if not a formal recognition?

    Did you get made a Prefect?
    Did everyone expect too much of you like you thought they would?

    Have you decided on your future career yet?

    Did you meet any Mibbians?

    I want you to keep thinking like this in the future.
    Don't become desensitised to the world.
    Don't lose it all.

    You're you, and always will be.

    Did you take the shit or throw it back in their face?

    Did you update your stories and remain loyal to all your friends?

    Please tell me that it worked out fine.
    That I'm sane, that there is something out there for me, a purpose.

    Tell me if I wronged in the past.

    I want you to remain strong.
    For me.
    For your past.

    Don't ever lose it.
    Good luck.

    - anneliese.
    January 6th, 2008 at 06:11pm
  • Flynn Rider

    Flynn Rider (300)

    Dear Sarah,

    Would you be the same girl who would keep the faith forever?
    The same girl who loves mibba and the mibbians?
    The same girl who loves My Chemical Romance with all her heart.
    Did you finish atleast a story on mibba?
    Will you be the same girl?

    January 6th, 2008 at 07:39pm
  • Ash's Lizabeth

    Ash's Lizabeth (150)

    Great Britain (UK)
    Dear Polly;

    Did you do well in that GCSE? Did you do it at all?

    Did you get another boyfriend?
    Did you break anyone's heart?
    Did you lose it to anyone?

    Did any bands you wanted to see come to England?
    Did you get to see them?
    Did you get to meet them?
    Did you get to steal Gabe Saporta and his trousers?

    Did you meet anyone famous?

    Did you stay on Mibba to read this?

    Did you make any more new friends?

    Did Sian and Alice ever get together like everyone is worried they will?

    Did you change your opinions and your outlook on life again?

    Did you figure yourself out?

    Who are your friends now?
    What are they like?
    Are they the same?
    Have they changed?

    Are you over that block yet?
    Have you written any more?
    What are your favourite fandoms now?

    Will you still be here to read this?

    From Polly Clare Reynolds, aka you.
    January 6th, 2008 at 09:12pm
  • fountainhead

    fountainhead (250)

    United States
    Dear Katie,
    This past year has been hard for you.
    I honestly hope that the year that you are engrossed in your moment is a lot better than this one. Are you still loyal to yourself? Is Catesby still your best friend? Do you still love movies with a passion and use Mibba everyday?
    Please tell me you're still as close to horsie. Please. You must still have a obsession with The Phantom of the Opera. If you don't, I will strangle you in a year. No lie. My Chemical Romance better still be close to your heart. No, they didn't 'save' you, and you know that. But they have helped you a great deal and never you forget that. However, I hope you change a little. As cliche' as it sounds -'blossom' Be a better person. Be like you mother - she's better than you think. Really.I hope you become more mature, more understanding. Whatever you do - DON'T let Mary near you ever again. You know that, though. Just....don't. I don't want to have to go over this again. That's about it.
    Don't be a idiot, kthnx.
    January 6th, 2008 at 10:37pm
  • terby doll.

    terby doll. (200)

    Vatican City State

    Hey. Woo. 2K9. How's that treating you? Five months of school left. Wow. Hope you're okay. Are there little flying cars zooming all over the place yet? Are the Spice Girls still alive?

    What color is your hair?

    Which school did you end up in?
    Have you finally gotten your shit together about studying hard?
    You better fucking have.
    I'm expecting A's in English, Art, French, Irish, Biology and B's in the rest. At least.
    Have you decided to study either toxicology or English and Psychology?

    Which band is eargasmic at the moment?
    Do you still have a shit taste in music? Do you still like softcore rawk and stupid club anthems?
    Do My Chem still hold that special place in your heart?
    Have they released a new album? If so, do you like it?
    Are Gee and Lyn-Z still together? They better be.
    The Used? MSI? Placebo?
    Are the Every Me Every You lyrics still the most beautiful lines of poetry?
    Do you still have an unconditional hatred for Justin Timberlake?
    Did you ever fill up your Nano?

    Did you forget about this letter?
    Are you still a Mibba fanatic?
    What's your rank?
    Is your profile still full of weird shit?
    Is your name still alternating between Suck My Innuendo and Rad Username?
    Are you still finding the time to write?
    Does Frerard still rock?
    Are you still writing your novel? Slash?
    Do you still adore those special Mibbians?
    Do you still have that Apple laptop with 6849398 viruses on it?

    Are skinny jeans still around?
    Kill me if no one wears them anymore. :cheese:
    What's your style like?
    Do you still adore your red wool hat?
    Any new piercings? Has your bellybutton gotten infected yet?
    Do you still have those groovy Rocketdog boots?
    Do you still use MAC?
    Are you still obsessed with Prisonbreak, Hollyoaks, and Desperate Housewives?
    Did you finally go back to a hairdresser and stop DIY-ing?
    Do you still like A&F?
    Do you still have permanently black [ish] nails?
    Has everyone gotten over Ugg boots yet?
    Is your sister still a Ralph Lauren clone? :tehe:
    Is she blonde yet?

    Did you meet The One yet? Because I'm still holding out for him.
    Did you ever get back with Shawn properly?
    Anything happen there?
    Have you figured out what you want yet?
    Who you want?
    Do you still have a rawk-boy-in-band/smexy boy-smex fetish? :]
    Have you forgotten about Mark? [doubt it].
    Has he forgotten you?
    Has Alan forgotten you?
    Do you still have that reputation.
    Is your heart still getting chewed up and spit out on a regular basis?

    Is your sister still the raddest thing ever?
    Have you started talking to your brother yet?
    Do you think you ever will?
    Is he still breaking your mom's heart?
    I hope he's not around anymore. Hope he's packed his shit up and gone to universtity somewhere faaaaar away.

    Is Erica still your BFFFFFFFFFFFF?
    Heh, she told me something last night when we were drunk.
    Her sluuuutty little secret. :tehe:
    Has anything else happened there? [you know, with her and ____?]
    Have you sorted out that fake ID yet?
    Do you still drink at that bar by the college?
    Have you experimented with any new drugs?
    Is beer still your chosen poison?
    Do you still detest vodka but drink it anyway?
    Do you still love Bacardi and Orange?
    Do you still love being drunk? I hope you aren't overdoing it, missy. May I remind you - exaaaaaaamsssss.

    Do you still crawl inside your mind and imagine when things get tough?
    Do you still avoid problems and pretend that everything will be okay?
    Have you stopped dreaming and started acting?
    I fucking hope so. Right, that's my New Year's Revolution. There. And I will come back as the ghost of Christmas past and strangle your skinny little ass if you're still procrastinating.
    Do you still lie?
    [I told a new one last night.]
    Are you still a dermotillomaniac?
    Did the hair grow back?
    Do you remember Colin?
    Do you still imagine running away to London with him to find yourself?
    Do you know where you're going, what you want from life and all the rest?

    Are you happy?
    I'm not sure if I'm happy right now.
    Fuckit, I'm not. It's just... ugh. Stresssss.
    Is life better, at least?

    I hope so. I'll try to help you along the way as best I can during 2008.

    Byebyebye, seventeen-year-old Callie. :]

    Good luck.

    From your sixteen-year-old, immature, selfish, justalittlefuckedup former self. =]

    January 6th, 2008 at 11:06pm
  • what the chipmunk?

    what the chipmunk? (100)

    Great Britain (UK)
    Erm, Lucy of the future...

    First things first, how does it feel to be so close to eighteen? Can you taste the wonderful sensation of handing over your ID with no hesitation, no fear? How does it feel to never have to rely on your friends to buy you a packet of fags again?

    Or, y'know, are you freaking out about old age? That mid-teen crisis is long overdue, after all... or have you already had it?

    Which brings me to this: what wonderful theories have you come up with now? Still over-thinking? Still cursing oestrogen for dying when you need it most? Still obsessing over the size of your arse?

    Did you pass, then? Doing your A-levels, right?
    Or did they kick you out?
    Still at home? Or did that place work out? Or somewhere else? Or, y'know, is it sofa-to-sofa until your friend of the moment "turns against you"?

    How much do you weigh, by the way?
    Still bouncing between 6 and 7? Still unsure of what you want in life, or if you even want it... ? Given up on trying to find a meaning to everything? Or are you still chugging along, trying to decipher the point, failing... crying about it?

    How's your mum? Do you even know?
    And your dad? He's still a temperamental bastard? He still jumps in and out of that van, smokes too much, swears too much? Does he still do those bloody SuDokus? He hasn't attempted to con CityLink, has he? And if he has, how's life going for him in the Dominican Republic? Or, erm, jail...

    Your sister? How's she? Still your father's biggest mistake, or have you over-taken that privilege?

    And your friends? You still have those things, right?
    You still care about them, yes? You still care about people?

    No drug overdoses, suicide attempts, A&E admissions, murderous rampages, sectioning under the mental health act?

    Still dying your hair red?
    Any new piercings?
    Still an enigma on all levels?
    Still smoking like a chimney?
    Still drinking more coffee than anyone should ever think about consuming?
    And sweetener... the prices haven't gone up, have they?
    You haven't had any terrible adverse reactions?
    You were doing one 70g jar a day in early '08... what about now? Are scientists analysing your brain in the hopes of discovering the side effects of long term aspartame abuse?

    I worry about you,
    I guess a lot can happen in a year...

    *Love and kissies*
    January 7th, 2008 at 07:51am
  • careless whisper

    careless whisper (100)

    Great Britain (UK)
    Suzi of the future

    How are you spelling Suzi now anyway? Changed it again? You must have been through every combination by now.

    How's life at almost eighteen? Still bloody hard?

    Did you get that job in the end? And the flat? Are you living with Luce now?

    How's the band? Still playing bass? Or have you given it up like you did with singing? If you have, pick it up again... or relearn or whatever...

    How's Andy? Any new developments? You're almost eighteen now, that could be a turning point... You still in love with him? I hope it's not hurting at all, you were over the hurt and loving the good feeling at the beginning of 08.

    What are you smoking now? Are you smoking at all? It better still be camels girly. I know they're expensive but still you've always had expensive taste.

    Any new relationships? Are they treating you right?

    Don't make me worry. You've got the whole year to be whoever you want to be. Be positive.

    January 7th, 2008 at 08:01am
  • We Suck Young Blood

    We Suck Young Blood (100)

    Dear Hannah,
    How was your first year of High School. Did you enjoy it? How were the kids? Did you make any friends.

    How's Felise? Have you two ganged up yet in Supre for all your raving needs? You better have, because if you didn't... shakes fist!-

    What about music? Do you still love Radiohead? Have you bought Beck's Guero at a resonable price? Or are you still hunting? If you are, use Ebay damnit! Did Zack de la Rocha ever release his solo album? Or are the maps still sitting in the studio? And The Grates! How have those little bubbly Brisbane folk been? Has their new album been out. And who won the Triple J Hottest 100 for 2008?

    Stay in school, don't do drugs, y'know.

    P.S How'd the "goffix" movie go?

    January 7th, 2008 at 08:14am
  • nothing.

    nothing. (250)


    Are you still at school, or have you dropped out?
    Is Billie Joe still your idol, Green Day your favourite band?
    Do you do drugs?
    Do you finally have a life yet?
    January 7th, 2008 at 08:20am
  • flea haim.

    flea haim. (300)

    United States
    Dear Flea,
    How are you? How is school going? Do you still stick with your awesome skinnies? Have you told Mom and Dad yet? Has Sally told Mom yet? Have you been to any rad concerts lately? Is everyone doing all right? Do you still go onto Mibba on a regular basis? Have you learned to play the guitar? If so, did you get a band together with anyone? Do you still write letters to random people at 2am that you know you will never give to them? Do you still quote movies out of random? Have you lost any weight? Do you still think about him and what your life would be if you guys had gotten back together Homecoming night? Are you happy?
    January 7th, 2008 at 08:36am
  • The Motorcycle Boy.

    The Motorcycle Boy. (100)

    Dear Future-Me,
    Do you still miss him?
    -Your self.
    January 7th, 2008 at 08:40am
  • fatt pacman.

    fatt pacman. (500)

    Great Britain (UK)
    Dear future self,

    Will I still love Kayleigh like I do now?
    Are you still doing the same old shit to yourself?

    -Yourself - 10th Jan 08
    January 11th, 2008 at 02:03am
  • Antagonist

    Antagonist (200)

    United States
    Dear me in the future,

    Hopefully 08 was a better year for you then 07.

    Did you learn to live with the pain of death?
    Did those freaks move away next door?
    Did you beat down their mom?
    Did you finally admitt you need him more than you let on?
    Did you get over that anger problem? You know, it's not very nice when you hate the world, and everyone in it.
    Did you cut your hair really short?
    If so, was it awesome?
    I love you, future self.

    You're 17 now, and hopefully you're seeing that having to be an adult isn't so bad, but your 16 year old self disagrees with that.
    17 is important to the 16 year old girl currently typing.... don't fuck yourself up.
    January 11th, 2008 at 02:10am
  • Where's Adalia?

    Where's Adalia? (100)

    United States
    Dear self,

    First off all, I want to know if you absolutely despise this color. (:

    Are you still into angsty teen books?
    Have you been on the MCRmy lately? Have you done any promo-ing?
    Are you still really confused about live in general?
    I hope you still don't hate your sister.
    Maybe you've gotten out of that stage where you really don't like to talk to people.
    Is Woody still alive? He better be, and you he better be up to date in his eating.
    How's high school? Is it as scary as you thought, and has Jordan (Emma's brother) thrown you in a trashcan yet?
    Is Alex still alive? I hope so. Does she trust you now, or are you currently in another fight?
    Have you moved out of the yellow house yet?
    Did you stop being such a fxcking whiner? And complainer? And bitch in general?
    Are you still questioning your sexuality?
    You didn't try drugs yet, did you?
    I'm pretty sure you've tried alcohol by now, though.
    Did you finally figure out how to talk to Mia without her getting pissed? Or are you not friends anymore? As of right now, I don't think it'll last much longer, but only you can tell me. I honestly don't think it can stand highschool. Does she still have her hair short and black? Does she look/act any different?
    Do you have a better relationship with your parents?

    Did you learn HTML?
    Are you still a Mibbian? Have you met any of them in real life? Is this still your favorite website?
    Did you pierce your lip? Ears again, anything like that?
    Been to any good shows lately? Any that top the Madina Lake show? Remember how much fun you had at that? Have you met anyone from Signal the Escape, We the Kings, MCR, The Used, or Automatic Loveletter yet? Have you met anyone famous at all?
    How're you doing with that guitar of yours?
    Had a boyfriend yet?
    Do you still love Frerard and Frikey?
    Still love your band shirts and hoodies?
    Still hate Pariya?
    Are Brooke and you on good terms?
    Are you a SE yet?
    Got to a level 30 on Runescape?
    Did you loose some weight?
    Try out for the swim team? Or softball?
    Did you even read this?

    Have a good life. (:

    January 11th, 2008 at 10:53pm
  • Mrs. Melting Crayons

    Mrs. Melting Crayons (250)

    United States

    Soo...you're fifteen now.
    What's up?
    How's the last year been?
    Are you and Jackie still together?
    Have you figured stuff out?
    Have you gotten your faith in love back?
    Is Katie still your best friend?

    Did you finish The Black Parade movie?
    Send it to them?
    Did they write back?
    What did they say?
    Was it fun?

    Did you go to Warped Tour?
    Are your top five bands (MCR, AFI, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, The Used) still your top five?
    Have you seen them live?
    Met them?
    Is Gerard still with Lyn-Z?
    Did you Keep the Faith?

    Have you worked on the band?
    Written any more songs?
    Worked on IP?
    Gotten things straightened out for the future?

    How has this past year been?
    Did you survive?

    Love ya,
    January 11th, 2008 at 11:08pm
  • the dream maker.

    the dream maker. (200)

    United States
    Dear Future Me,

    So...you'd be 15 right about now. How is it by the way?
    I'm sure it doesn't suck that bad.

    So anyways, let's get to the questions.
    Are you still into Fall Out Boy?
    Did you ever get to see them in concert?
    Did you get to even go to a concert?
    Dude, I hope your life is a lot more interesting that what's happening right now.

    Are you still at the same school or did you transfer?
    Oh God, I hope Mrs. P transfers and the principal has practiced shortening speeches.
    Are you still the smart one, or have you given up on that?

    Do you still keep in touch with all your old friends?
    Have you made any more?
    Do you still keep in touch with him?
    Do you even see him?

    So...these are a lot of questions I'm asking. Tough luck 'cause I'm asking more.
    Anyways...are your your top three favorite bands (Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack, Bedlight for Blue Eyes) still your favorites?
    Or did you just develop another taste?

    Are guys still another major challenge for you to conquer?
    Are you more comfortable around them...or are you still in the position where you'd rather bungee jump off the CN tower?
    Do you have a boyfriend yet? (Pfft, I doubt that.)
    How did that semi formal go, by the way?

    Do you still go on Mibba as much as you used to?
    How did you do on the Midterms and Finals?
    Do you still have a negative attitude on things?
    Are you still shy? Do you still write poetry and act like your 14 year old self?

    Well, that's it, I guess.
    Have fun and don't take yourself too seriously in the future.
    But hopefully you've got some plans about college and shit like that.
    And hopefully you're enjoying life.
    God, I hope the braces are off now.

    - Ciara [Friday January 11, 2008]

    P.S. One more question...Are you still in love with him?
    January 11th, 2008 at 11:29pm
  • goldenyears.

    goldenyears. (100)

    Great Britain (UK)
    Future Me,
    I hate you. Nah, not really, not yet. You're nearly sixteen now. Very nearly sixteen. I bet you're a bit depressed tonight, aren't you? Cheer up, you sad bastard.
    This is going to look so bloody childish. I don't care. I have questions for you.

    How's school going? Are you still with the same people [obviously you are, or you're on your own] ?
    Are you still wearing the same shoes every day?
    More to the point, what ARE you wearing these days?

    Are you still listening to the same music? Are you favourite bands the same [Sex Pistols, PiL, The Clash, X-Ray Spex]? THEY BLOODY BETTER BE.
    Especially the first two.
    Or I will be amazingly angry at you?

    Please tell me you didn't fuck up.
    I hope you aren't wearing little shoes and Primark dresses, I hope you don't wear make-up [much] and I hope you leave the boys ALONE.
    Love is crap, the whole male gender is crap.

    Did you sort out the whole 'people' thing this year?
    You didn't, did you?
    That's OK, you do better on yer own.

    Any thoughts about college? A-levels? Jobs? Amazingly early retirement?
    Heh. xD

    Did you ever do anything on Hard on Guitar Hero?
    NO NO NO NO wait. Expert.

    Hate you, remember.

    - from your former self, who now feels like a twat.
    January 11th, 2008 at 11:57pm