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    Jan/Hui Jan/JanJan/JannieJan/Janster,

    I hope you're still being called all these things. Because it means you're still... You're still you. I hope this letter doesn't make you cringe too much. And I hope you haven't changed too much either, because I'm all right with the way I am now, mentally.

    Have you finally lost some weight? Did you go bulimic the way I'm so scared I will? I sure fucking hope not. That would make you a bloody hypocrite, I think you know that. How are you with the way you look? Are you prettier than me now? You'd better be. I don't think my looks could deteriorate any further, unless I get involved in some freak accident or something.

    Hey. Are you even going to remember to come back this time next year and read this letter again? Hell, are you still on Mibba? I hope you are. I hope you keep writing and posting, and I hope more people read your stories now. I hope you get the constructive criticism that you've always wanted. Maybe if you keep writing, you'll actually get better at it. Persevere, please. I want to write better when I'm you.

    Oh, crap. PMR, how did it go? Are you okay? 7A's? Are you still alive? Well. If you didn't get 7A's, you might not be here to read this, so. Assuming you did, congratulations. You fucking did it. :arms:

    You're sixteen and a few months. Have you finally gotten yourself all tangled up in a boy yet? Nothing has happened since him last year, and I was wondering whether things have gotten better. If you have, I hope you'll be careful. I don't want you to get your heart broken.

    Did you get a post in the prefectorial board? Counselor, at least? You kind of deserve one. I think so, anyway. :|

    Still Keeping the Faith, or has it faded? MCR, God, yourself? What's going on there? I'd like to know, kthxbai.

    You'd better still be keeping faith. Especially in God.

    What about your friends? You still friends with the old gang? Janie's still your bestest friend ever, right?

    I hope you don't hate me like I hate the me two years ago. I hope I don't shame and embarrass you. You're someone I look up to, look forward to being. That is, if you're the person I think you are.

    Well. Good luck, and such. KTF, definitely.

    -- Jan

    P.S. Because I want you to remember. This is a screenshot of the post template this was in.

    July 3rd, 2008 at 04:44pm
  • The Great Defector.

    The Great Defector. (100)

    Dear the future Aoife...

    Do you think you've changed much? Or , when reading this letter , do you realise how much you haven't?
    Do you have friends? Did you talk to Aoife , Ciara and Rachel again? Did you accept they're emo? Did you stop being that?
    Do you still wear statement t-shirts?
    Do you still like MCR?
    Do you love Dad? Or is it the same rocky relationship? Is he alive?
    Where is Ciaran working? Did he go to college or did he carry on working? Not Joyces hopefully. If he is , try and talk him out of it.
    Are your braces off? How's the retainer? Did mum pay for the whitening?
    Did you lose weight? And if you did , do you feel any different?
    Did you put any on? Please don't have.
    Did you get your ear's pierced? Or anywhere else? Is your fringe still blue? Did you manage to convince Mum to let you get more dyed? If so , what colour?
    Do you have someone you trust your life with , who will always be there , best friends for life kinda thing? That's all I want right now. I hope you do.
    Are you in love? Did you ever get over him? That special someone? Did you go to Cross disco? Was it your style or was it not your thing at all?
    How's Jack? Haha , you shouted at him you know. I hope you end up friends with him though.
    How's school? Do you still cry over it? How's the grades? House exams? Junior Cert if you're reading this after it?
    You're listening to the Black Parade is Dead right now btw.
    How was Nan's birthday? Does she still have her dog? What did she call it after all? I hope Buzz. Is she still alive? Please let her be.
    Did Lisa and Helen make it up?
    Are you an aunty?
    How much pocket money do you make? I hope it's more than ten euro.
    Is Ciaran still with Leanne?
    How's Sinead doing? Do you still think she's the best sister in the world?
    Is she still with Michael? Are they married? Did they get a dog call Bertie and train it in Irish?
    And what about Jamie and Jane? Did they tie the knot? Did they get a cat?
    What concerts have you gone to? Go to more , bitch!
    Are you still talking to the boardies? I hope you are. Right now they mean so much to me. Did you sort it out with him?
    ...do you wear short sleeved t-shirts now?
    Is Joelie still in love with Mr O'hIarnain? Did you get him for Irish?
    Do you still live in Greenhills? I hope not. But if you do , are the Doyles still your neighbours? Do you have any friends on the estate?
    Did Shannen come back to Ireland? Do you still keep in touch?
    Do you still like Dr Pepper?
    Did you ever eat meat or drink alcohol? I hope you didn't. No matter how much pressure you're under , it's not worth it.
    Did you go to the Gaeltacht after all?
    Are you still addicted to the computer?
    First kiss? Well , yanno.Excluding the one's so far which I don't include. That's how much I hated them.
    Did you go on holidays anywhere other than London? Do you still go to London often though? With Jamie? Is he still amazing? I cried I missed him so much yesterday. Can you imagine that?
    Did you start a band? Learn guitar properly? Do you still lie?
    Is your nickname still Sfee? Does anyone call you that?
    Did you ever order anything off Grindstore?
    Can you still remember all your Irish?
    Do you love David and Goliath and Converse?
    Did you get a pair of Vans?
    Are you healthy?
    What does your bedroom look like?
    Do you still have insomnia?

    ...are you happy?
    Please be happy. That's all I want for you. Please don't still be cutting. Don't still be throwing up. It's not worth it.

    I hope you're doing good ,

    Three goals:

    Get a best friend.
    Lose weight.
    Go to more concerts.

    Everything will get better , I promise.

    Aoife xxx.
    July 3rd, 2008 at 05:32pm
  • arizona skies.

    arizona skies. (100)

    Great Britain (UK)

    Are they still your best friends? Did you pass all those A Levels? Did you make more new friends at college? Did she still give out the dirty looks like Christmas cards? Are they still together/engaged? Did all those concerts live up to expectation? Did you get to meet anyone? Are you still angry and upset about that? Did you get into the university you want to go to? Have you see the Foo Fighters live yet, or are you going to? Did he ever ask again, if he did, what was your answer?

    Are you still the same as you were at sixteen, now your almost eighteen?

    If things aren't going good, remember, things will get better, even if it takes time.
    I know you'll miss them like mad.

    Laura, x
    July 3rd, 2008 at 07:08pm
  • the major key

    the major key (100)

    United Kingdom
    Hi again.

    I hope you've found yourself.

    I hope you've grown up. I hope you're doing what you want.

    You used to be alright.

    all I can think about is whether you'll actually read this. I might save this page as a screencap, or something.

    you know, unless you're as stupid as you used to be.
    July 3rd, 2008 at 09:10pm
  • Sheepy

    Sheepy (115)

    Great Britain (UK)

    Have you worked out what you wanna do with your life?
    Are you anywhere near living up to the expectations of your friends?
    Do you still have the same friends?
    Do you still talk to everyone in the group?
    You'd better do. We both know you're lucky to know them.
    Are you truly okay with who you are yet?
    Still writing? Both kinds? Do they both still make you happy?
    Gotten any confidence back yet?
    Forgiven her yet?
    I'm not talking to you if you've become an alcoholic. You haven't, right?
    Have you finally realised that life is too short?
    Have you started introducing yourself with your real name?

    July 4th, 2008 at 12:35am
  • Robbie Williams

    Robbie Williams (100)

    United Kingdom
    Hey you,

    Still worthless?
    Found a reason of why you're on earth?
    Still useless in every way?
    Still doing that to yourself?
    Still talking to the boardies? You better be. If not, go and talk to them now. You know you need them.
    Lost weight?
    Still a vegetarian? If you aren't, then I'm disgusted.
    Stil have all you're pets?
    Anyone else died on you?
    Grown up?
    Are the others treating her better now?

    ..Still a bitch?

    July 5th, 2008 at 11:03am
  • Changed.

    Changed. (150)

    United States
    Hey me,

    Still an idiot, alcoholic, sexist bitch?

    Still in love with that dickhead from down the street?

    You totally are still all of those things.
    July 5th, 2008 at 11:06am
  • sketch.

    sketch. (355)

    Great Britain (UK)
    Hey Soph,

    How's it going these days?
    stil feel like a failure?
    is everyone still abandoning you?
    or did you get to the light in the tunnel?
    have you decided that you are doing better on your own?
    if things are bad, listen to the middle by jimmy eat world. its beautiful.
    as i write this i have a terrible hangover. but i mean every word of this.
    I hate me, but i dont hate you. you're future me. you might be better. I love you. that sounds so freaking stupid, saying i love you. but i do. im all you've got, really.
    Seen my chem yet?
    seen the used again?
    did you go to that lostprophets gig?
    seen paramore again?
    the blackout?
    seen placebo?

    is mum still with him?
    Daisy? how's she doing now?
    plus Lucy, ruby, joe, grace, danni, hattie, everyone? how are they?
    Please say everyone RTP's still.
    If they dont, dont flake apart and fall to pieces. Be strong. Hold everyone together.
    don't write yourself off yet. try your best. dont you worry what they say. it just takes some time. EVERYTHING WILL BE JUST FINE.

    right now i have a bit of a fucked up outlook and life, ubut im grimly hanging on. i really hope that things are good for you. If they arent, keep hanging on. listen to the music.

    have you met any heroes yet?
    please say you have.
    taken anything new?
    been put on report yet?
    caught by cops?
    dad and bean? they still together? they better be
    rub and rich?

    hows the writing going? whats your favourite pairing now? :weird
    are you reading this?
    did you remember to come back and look at it?
    the date is 5-JUL-08
    you should be reading this on 5-JUL-09
    is it a good year?
    i really hope so.
    you can do this. Just hold on, and believe.
    met anyone from mibba yet? EmJ?Alli?Jess?
    still getting pissed and ending upregretting everything?
    still having fun ?
    stll love doing things you shouldnt?
    lost any weight?
    you could do with it, you know. well. i could.maybe you couldnt.

    dont let go of what matters. hold on to what matters. MUSIC. FRIENDS. FAMILY. FUN. FREEDOM.
    hows year ten? you're nearly sixten. whoa.
    still prettymuch a virgin?
    do you still like him?did anything happen there?
    i guess not.
    this is realy long. i should really stop. Just go listen to The Middle by Jimmy Eat world.


    July 5th, 2008 at 11:34am
  • humanity's strongest

    humanity's strongest (100)

    United States

    How're things going for you?
    You'll be going into high school by the time you read this. How was your last year in middle school? Did you live it up?
    Did you and Jake ever get on good terms? Is he still a jackass?
    How close are you and Carson now? Are you two like how you were in elementary school?

    Are you still a mibbian?
    Do you come on as often?
    Is it still your favorite site?
    Do you still write?
    Are you still into photography?
    Are you still friends with all your mibbian friends?

    Are Dobby, Jinx, Sirius, and Luna all still your pets?
    I'm going to assume you dyed your hair again. What color is it now?
    Did you cut it shorter again? How short?
    Did you get any taller?
    You still wear glasses?
    Did you get new ones? If you did, what do they look like?
    Are you still a vegetarian?
    ...You didn't go vegan, did you? If you did, I'm shocked Mom and Dad let you.

    You still play guitar, right?
    Is that Epiphone SG of yours still in tact?
    Did you end up teaching Nina guitar? Or no?
    Did you ever pick up saxophone again?
    If you didn't, is it because of Mr. Vail?
    Did you ever get a new amp, or do you still play on that piece of shit amp? xD

    How's '09 going for ya?
    Did you end up going to Warped Tour in '08?
    Go to any concerts since this was written?
    If so, who?
    Did you meet anybody famous?
    Are MCR and A7X still your favorite bands?
    ...do Justine, Meg, and you still have Jesus, the penguin?
    ...still have alittle obsession with Leigh Whannell?
    Are you still the same dork?

    July 5th, 2008 at 03:17pm
  • the surgeon.

    the surgeon. (200)

    Hello 15-year-old me.

    How are you holding up?
    How's being 15? Good?
    Who are your friends now? (mibbians and RL)
    I'm doing ok. I've been getting more friends on mibba now - Molly, Amanda, Rowan, Ashley, Naomi...it's fucking awesome.
    Are you still friends with them? I fucking hope so.
    What do you think of Edward Cullen? Are your favourite books still the Twilight series?
    Do you still like Angels and Airwaves? You better. Seriously.
    How are things going with Nick? Right now, I'm good friends with him, maybe a little more, but we aren't going out.
    Is Joune still your friend? I fucking hope not...I'm so sick of her. She's so immature and annoying. I bet she's still like that in '09. Right?
    You still love MCR, right? Forever and always. Does Ilia still love them too? I fucking hope so. Does he still talk to you? I don't think he will. Right? He barely does now.
    How's the social life going? Crap, like usual? I seriously currently only like Kat and Helena. They are the best. But Kat can be too flirty with guys. OH, how is that going for you? Like, boys and stuff?
    Do you still HATE your class to bits? I hate them a lot. Always fucking keeping us in at break. Wth. Not fair. Do you still like Melanie? She's not bad. A little too gothic, but not bad.
    How're things with Helena? Is she your friend? Or do you dislike her now? I still admire her. She...rocks. Do you still fucking hate Savia's guts? And her bitch of a sister? Remember how Marian used to flirt with Nick when she KNEW Nick liked me? And Savia did that too! Please tell me you don't like them.
    How was the Twilight film?? I hope it was good...the trailer didn't look too bad. Edward was...In Love. Was it a disappointment?
    Do you still go downtown with Basil, Nick and Joune? Who do you hang out with now?
    Do you still want your kids names to be:

    Boys: Spencer, Jasper, maybe Logan.

    Girls: Bethany (Bess for short), Dayle, Ginny, Kiera, maybe Rosalie, maybe Hayley.

    How'sSpike Treasure/Jasper doing? :cute:
    Is 3rd form harder than expected? I think it's gunna be a little tough...I don't know. Is Mrs. Stavrou still nice?
    Do you still like photography?
    Do you still have future plans on becoming a songwriter (and possibly singing them)? Do you still want to be people's Gerard Way?

    Goals that I want to achieve by the time I read this:
    -Have gone out with a boy (excluding Nick).
    -Paint my room.
    -Make good friends with Helena.
    -Have STAYED on mibba.
    -Built confidence in myself, and what I wear.
    -Buy awesome and Original clothes. Have my own style (sorta).

    Ok, that's all. :cute:
    See you around then,
    July 3rd '08.
    August 24th, 2008 at 07:02pm
  • dirt.

    dirt. (100)

    Great Britain (UK)
    Still thinking about Nathan?
    Are you still scared of Chris and Margaret? You should really stand up to them one day...
    Have you managed to get pretty?
    Love, get yourself a boyfriend while you're still young.
    Have we moved to Canada, like mum and dad said?
    Did you keep in touch with Lisa?
    Hows the education going?
    Hopefully, you're a bit smarter in a year.
    You'll have done your GCSE's. How'd they go?

    Two words of advice for you to live upon this next year.
    Move. On.
    You'll know what I mean.

    Keep safe.
    Don't let people treat you like trash.
    Stand up for what you believe in. It's okay to be different.

    See you then.
    I'll be waiting.

    August 24th, 2008 at 07:12pm
  • the small print.

    the small print. (100)

    So Amie,

    Are you happy?
    Did you finally find him?
    Or are you still crazy about the other him?
    Did you work hard in school?
    Has your hair finally grown to the desired length?
    You cut it, didn't you :tehe:
    Has your natural colour finally returned?
    Is it different being seventeen, to being sixteen?
    Are you finally content with yourself?
    Did Hollie fly over to visit?
    Did you finally figure out your version of "Body In A Box"?
    Has everyone accepted your true accent now?
    Are you as scared for the Leaving Cert as I am?
    Are you still close to Claire and Jess?
    I assume that Muse still inspire you, is that right?
    And Dallas Green, have you seen him live yet?
    Is your bedroom finished yet?
    Still have posters decorating the walls?
    Do we still have Sooty?
    I hope so, I can't imagine life without her =/
    Are you coping?
    Are you still seeing Barry often?
    Is he still with Ali?
    If you have found that one guy, does he make you happy?
    Have you seen Muse again since?
    Or the padded shoes, have you obtained them?
    How are your stories going?
    Managed to create a bestseller yet?
    Have you found that perfect pair of jeans?
    Still reluctant to grow up?
    Do you still talk to May?
    I hope so :cute:
    And Hollie, is she still one of your best friends?
    How are the siblings - are they all grown up?
    Does Cerin still look up to you?
    Does Rian still talk to you?
    Does Aidan still ask for piggybacks?
    Oh, and does our toilet still bubble?
    Have you worked out how to apply eyeliner yet?
    Was Harry Potter Six as you had imagined?
    Back to concerts, been to any?
    Is 'Zilla back to normal yet?
    Somehow, I hope not. I do love it here.
    Do you still love Mibba as much?

    Until next year, farewell.
    ~ Amie.
    August 24th '08.
    August 24th, 2008 at 07:21pm
  • Romance.

    Romance. (100)

    Great Britain (UK)
    To Future self.

    So. By the looks of things you've survived another year. Well fucking done.

    You're almost 17. Jesus, you're getting old.

    So how did the GCSEs go?
    Did you fail them all?
    Did you at least try to fail them?
    So what school you going to in September?
    Did you have to move to Belfast?
    What the hell are you doing for A Level?

    Are your parents together again? Or did they finally get the divorce?
    How many piercings do you have now?
    Did you get that nose ring I swore you'd have by now?
    I bet your really happy Mrs C.'s retired now...
    So is school still a bitch?
    Have you finally had your little teenage rebellion?
    You get more and more cynical every year, what are you like now?

    How's MCR's new album, if it's out yet?
    Anybody I care about died in the past year?
    Still into punk and post hardcore?
    Fell embarrassed by your 15 year old self yet?
    You and Tom still together?
    You, Tom, Adam, Tori, Rachel and Jamie still BFFL?

    Have any mental breakdowns this year?
    What's your hair like? Mine's about neck length, black with faded red highlights.
    Are you still as shallow as I am?
    How are the cats?
    How was the FOB show?
    What other shows have I been to?
    What new bands have I found in the past year?
    Figured out your sexuality yet?
    What's been the most dramatic thing to happen this year?
    Are you a virgin?
    Did you ever get that band together or have you given up completely?
    Did that helix piercing ever heal?
    How much cooler are you now than I am now?

    Well, I think that's about it. Goodbye from your 15 year old self.

    And remember, never, ever, let them take you alive.

    St. Gemma 24/08/08
    August 24th, 2008 at 08:32pm
  • loki'd.

    loki'd. (100)

    Great Britain (UK)
    Alreet future Hannah.

    So, I hope you grew up a bit.
    I hope you done all those things you wanted to do.
    I hope you didn't let those bitches get you down.
    Summer 08 was a bit rubbish, wasn't it?
    So, did you ever dye your hair the perfect colour?
    Did you ever find love?
    Have you gotten over "him"?
    Did you go to Canada to visit the family?
    Did you go to see Mindless Self Indulgence?
    Did you go and see Muse with your dad?
    Did you persuade Jess to go to Jonas Brothers concert with you?
    Did you meet any famous people yet?
    Did you loose weight and get taller?
    Did you go and see MCR for a second time?
    Have you found "the one" yet?
    Did you over come your fears?
    Did you ever turn vegetarian?
    Did you ever sell things on ebay like Jade told you to?
    Did you ever meet Ryan Ross?
    Did you ever see PATD live?

    Did you ever take that once in a life trip to Tanisia to help children?
    Did you make your own photography website?
    Do you still want to be a photographer?
    If not, what do you want to do now?
    Did you ever persuade your dad to get another animal?
    Hows your sister doing?
    Do you still hate eachother?
    What options did you get into?
    Are you exam results to your standards?

    Did you ever meet The Jonas Brothers like you said you wanted to?
    Did you ever raise enough money for a keyboard/piano or a laptop?
    Did you finally learn how to draw?
    Has anyone passed away that I should know about?
    Did Grandad ever get a plak for his ashes?
    Did you go to scotland with Jade to see Aidens grave?
    Did you finally see Ross and beat the crap out of him?
    Did Lottie and Janick last?

    I hope you learned alot in the past year.

    Sincerly yourself,
    25th August 2008.
    August 25th, 2008 at 03:26pm
  • ward-o

    ward-o (150)

    Dear whatever I'll call myself in a year,

    Have you moved on to being called One yet?

    August 25th, 2008 at 03:27pm
  • Lucifer's Angel

    Lucifer's Angel (300)

    Great Britain (UK)
    Lizi (if you're still spelling it like that)

    still managing without the crew at school?
    still have Kayface, Loubysaft and Sazrickle (SPC)?
    still planning that trip to Finland?
    how was the Kill Hannah concert?
    how was Apocalyptical?
    was Black Roses as good as you expected? or better?
    HIM done anything else?
    did you go to the Slipknot concert? Children of Bodom and Machine Head were supporting, you'd be a div not to go!
    know anyone else who's heard of Sign yet? they should be as big as HIM by now, especially since Zolberg looks so much like Ville Valo? does he still look like him?
    is Lauri Ylönen still blond?
    did The Rasmus tour the UK? they better not have missed out Newcastle!!
    are they still your favourite band?
    does Kayface still love HIM?
    and is Sazrickle still almost as sick-minded as you are?
    is Loubysaft still improving her sick-mindedness?
    did you ever loose any weight?
    has that slug next door moved out yet? it's about bloody time she does
    how is stuff going music-wise? put anything to all those lyrics yet?
    got the band sorted yet?
    how's story writing going? still got that overactive imagination?
    still socially outcast? yes? good, good
    but you're not hanging around with helen and them, are you?
    is she still trying to make you feel like a retard and acting like she's better than you? because she's not
    is sarah (at school, not Sazrick) still being a spoilt brat?
    is hooky still obsessed with her? he must be daft
    still think switching schools was a good idea?
    still miss the crew?

    anyway, you're probably busy so i'll finish it up here. plus i can't think of anything else i want to know.
    don't let them get to you, they're seriously just pathetic, it's okay to be you.

    til next year (:
    August 25th, 2008 at 03:51pm
  • Laceration Gravity

    Laceration Gravity (200)

    Great Britain (UK)
    Heyyyy Sian,

    Oh my gosh, you're sixteen. I hope you haven't lost your/my virtue just because you can legally. I swear I'll hurt you if you do. :grr:
    So, what happened when you went back to school? Did it go terribly as you expected? Did you ever give those chocolates to Mark? :lmfao Did he laugh at you like you knew he would with that cute chuckle?

    Ever take your dancing grading? You/I'm on gold now so next is gold bar 1. You get a plaque for that so if you haven't already taken it, take it now, kay? I want a plaque.

    Have MCR made a new album? I just got their update and am all In Love :cute: Wow :crazy: Are you still like that when you hear of them? Please, just don't ever forget what they've done for you, no matter where you go in life. This is the non emo kayeffsee speaking so -

    OH! Are you still KFC? I hope so. 5 years with that nickname should be enough to stick. I wonder if you'll ever change your mibba theme. I hope not, I love your name and avatar. My name and avatar. I epic fail at writing to myself.

    Ummmm... Right now my/your right wall from the door is covered in an MCR banner and white. There's a cabinet with crystals in and the bed pushed up against it with a Pirates Of The Carribean sheet I found out the attic. There are four circle mirrors at the head of it. The front part has a giant window which I'm currently waving to Misha through and lots of wires on the window sill. Charlie Daniels is playing out of the CD player on the left next to the cupboard, CDs and all the guitars and pirate ships x]. Anything changed?

    Don't ever forget WAYT or secks or your mibbian friends either, because you wouldn't have survived this summer without them.


    Later, not gorgeous. (OR ARE YOU?!)

    Me :arms:
    August 25th, 2008 at 04:04pm
  • Fueled By Music

    Fueled By Music (100)

    United States

    So, did you ever become that star you wanted to be? Or did that dream wash down the drain like the rest of your life?

    Did you finally find a guy that treated you right? Or do you still flirt with other guys behind your boyfriend's back?

    Did you dye your hair red yet?

    Are you ever gonna be accepted?

    We're you finally sent away to the funny farm? Or do you still keep everything inside?

    Just wondering,
    August 25th, 2008 at 04:08pm
  • if you're a trout

    if you're a trout (100)

    United States

    High school! Finally! You rock, girl.
    Are you still a Mibbian? Don't tell me you left your mibbains behind!!! Are they still your favorite boys? Did you ever meet them?? Was Lily lying? Disgust Did you go to another Jonas concert? Do you still like them? I got A Little Bit Longerr. Whoo! In Love :cute: Wow :crazy: You've been to two of their concerts so far. I hope you still like them. Don't forget them. D: Have they made a new album yet? Ohyes. Summer tour? Ohfuckyes.

    Who are your friends now? How's High school? Did you dye your hair yet?
    What do you want to be now? Or has that gone down the drain like everything else? Eighth grade really sucks right now. I hope High school is much better.

    Are you still a vegetarian? If you aren't, I'm disgusted. Two years and you fucking quit?

    How did the surgery go? I hope it wasn't too bad.... did you get lots of presents?

    Do you still hate Brooke? I don't blame you.

    Are you still an author? Did you ever finish Thank You, Gravity? How did it end?
    You're still ON Mibba, right?! (jonascestyoufreakk!jonascest,catie,joick!<---ignore that.) Please don't forget about your Mibbians! What's your theme now? Is it still the fluffy pink thing with the I BITE signature? Must I give you a screenie? ...Did you break your laptop yet? Is it still a Sony Vaio? White!?

    Please tell me they're divorced. Please. Have you moved yet? How's the new house?! Where is it?? I hope that asshole is gone. Please tell me he's gone. He doesn't deserve you. They can't get through one day without fighting. I hope you know how to handle it now. I'm hopelessly confused right now. They're fighting. It's horrible. Please tell me it's gotten better. I hope it does. I fucking hope he leaves. That fucking asshole doesn't deserve your house.

    Is Rags still your best friend? You better not have forgotten about her!! In case you're the idiot you tend to be, go call her. RIGHT NOW. 301 --- ---- What about Miranda? Alex? Alyssa? You can't leave them behind. Who are your friends now? It's about time for your birthday... isn't it? Call them. Invite them.

    Did you come out? Have you realized it yet? What did people say? Honey, I hope you're alright. We're going to grow up pernamently fucked up and you know that as much as I do. Just tell them.

    What does your room look like? Well, right now your room is blue. And the bed is purple, and you have two walls wallpapered in posters. It's pretty amazing. Jonas Brothers, Paramore, Simple Plan, Chris Brown, Metro Station, as well s tons of photos and postcards.
    I love you. Hoping things have gotten better
    Catie of September 25th. 2008.
    September 25th, 2008 at 08:43pm
  • The Brightside

    The Brightside (500)

    Dear Anneliese,

    Wow. 24 minutes until 2009. Good luck.

    I want you to know that you've made mistakes, and fuck, you're going to make a lot more. Just... remember that.

    Did your vampire man wake up to it all? Does the werewolf boy actually like you, or is that just people making shit up?

    How's Mr Brightside going?

    Did you survive HSC? Did you finally snap and yell at your parents and teachers to shut the fuck up? Did they still expect you to get a 90+ UAI? Did you get that mark?

    How close are you with Jacob now? He's good for you, you know. He gives you so much to think about, an alternative point of view in conversation, somebody to fangirl with about the Killers. Don't take people like him for granted. Keep in touch with him after HSC, okay? Stalk him if you have to. Just... don't fuck it up. Please. You've never been the most gorgeous person on the planet, inside and out.

    Is Conor still your mentor? How many more rough spots has she helped you through?

    How were The Kooks? Bet they kicked ass. Did the Killers change their show so that under 18s could go too? Hope so!

    How was your 17th birthday (and Mike Dirnt's 37th :tehe:?)

    Do you still love Green Day with all your heart? Or did you grow out of it, like everybody said you would?

    Did you move back to the old house? If so, where are the horses kept? Did Mum take you out to visit and ride them?

    Please don't forget about Mibba. Sneak on the internet if you have to in future, okay? Even though by the time you read this you should have had your internet curfew lifted, since HSC is over and your parents can finally get off your back.

    Are you still working at McDonalds? How's the pay? How's the food? Surely you must be sick of the smell by now. Did they ever promote you to working in McCafe? Or are you still stuck in measly drive-thru? :tehe:

    You're a good kid. Yeah, I know, I never give you any compliments but your sixteen-year-old self owes you a lot. I hope you're not beating yourself up too bad.

    Don't ever, ever, ever give up. Fight with all you got. For him, for them, for yourself, for your morals. Never give up. Please. Please tell me that while reading this you can think, hell yes, I made a change. Whether it was one person's life or several. I don't care. Just strive for forward movement.

    How was the year 12 formal, by the way? Or did some concert conveniently clash for the same night?

    (hey, you never know, year 10 might repeat all over again.)

    Still friends with the old Mibba crew? How's Kayla? Vonny? Do they still listen to you unconditionally, no matter what state you're in?

    Family still together? Everything all good?

    Make sure you keep in touch with everybody. That means Mibba and your high school friends.

    Hope you start a Mibba WAYT reunion someday, too. You'll have lots of free time once year 12 is done.

    9 minutes til 2009.

    Fingers crossed. I'm actually nervous.

    Good luck.
    - anneliese.
    December 31st, 2008 at 01:51pm