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  • The Way

    The Way (1400)

    It's been a year now. :]
    The Way:

    Did you keep the faith? In some way.
    Did you get to meet them? No...
    Did you get to give him KTF? YES!

    Did you see Maroon 5, JT, and Incubus? No XD But I got to see Rihanna and CB, Panic, BLG, etc.
    What other bands came here? I just mentioned :]

    Got to work on The Nothing Room yet? No XD
    Are you still a Mibbian? Yep!
    Did you get to meet a Mibbian? Yep!
    Did you ever get to finish Matters, Have Kids, etc? No XD
    Are the top 6 still the top 6? Yes :]

    Did you go with Mon and Estachia? NO XD

    Did you cry in graduation? NOOOOOO XD
    Did we push through with the grad song? No XD

    How was college? FUN!
    Which one did you go to? DLSU
    Is it hard? Do you wanna give up? Not at all :]

    Do you still see people from the batch? YES!
    Is Mara still your best friend? Yep.
    Did you go to foundation day? Yeah and it SUCKED XD
    Whatever happened to everyone? Same, with some changes :]

    Has your belief in God gotten stronger, or did it waver? Stronger with little action.

    Did everything work out the way you wanted it to be?
    Of course not.

    I wish you well.

    I'll make a new one this year in a while :]
    December 31st, 2008 at 06:55pm
  • isangelical.

    isangelical. (100)

    United States
    I think I'll take part in this.


    Almost sixteen, right? Yeah. Lex's still 6 months older than you.
    Are you still close with Lex? She still with Anthony?
    How about that bitch Amina? She still with Trevor? Did she fuck him?
    And Aileen? Whatever happened to her?
    Jenelle too. How're things with her?

    Did you make any new friends? Reclaim old ones?
    Ron for instance? How are you two? Friends still? Or did you fall apart and sorta act like you don't know each other very well. Ever get back together with him?
    What about Nick? Remember at new years, he kissed you? Anything come of that? Do you wish differently?
    Any boyfriends at all? Who?
    Stalkers again?
    Differently about any of these people?

    How's school? Junior year, you better be doing well.
    Straight A's, right? Perfect grades are what you've always been made to get.
    Did you take the courses you wanted with your open electives? Graphics again and In Vogue for the practical?
    Do you still wanna take the same courses for senior year? They were Graphics, Creative Writing, Psychology... um. I forget. Oh, and Culinary if you have time? Meh?

    Still writing?
    Ever finish Of Sugar and Ice?
    How about Of Honey and Ink?
    Did I'd Throw Away Everything Just to Live come off hiatus?
    Still a strong Mibbian?

    Still an artist, right?
    Still painting whenever you feel like?
    Drawing when you're in the mood for it?
    Did you finish that damn lantern thingy from Art I? That thing you fold up and was colored with pencils?
    Photography win anything?
    Speaking of photos, how's Photoshop? You bought it right? All $300 you were saving up put to good use.
    Are the works you've done with it epic?
    Still wanna be a graphic designer/novelist, right?

    And music. You know we have to come here.
    Linkin Park for life right? Still your number one?
    Did the LPU 7 account ever get activated, customer service reply?
    You've seen them 4 times so far, any more times?
    Did you meet them? Did you cry?
    Autographs, photos?

    Are Tokio Hotel still your number two?
    See them again?
    Meet them?

    Are your 23 artists still this list:
    001. Linkin Park
    002. Tokio Hotel
    003. AFI
    004. Mindless Self Induglence
    005. Blaqk Audio
    006. From First to last
    007. Cinema Bizarre
    008. Blue October
    009. HIM
    010. Glassjaw
    011. Sonny Moore
    012. Avenged Sevenfold
    013. Envy on the Coast
    014. Coldplay
    015. Dope Stars Inc.
    016. Sixx: A.M.
    017. Tokyo Rose
    018. The Cure
    019. Deftones
    020. Porcelain and the Tramps
    021. Deathstars
    022. Emilie Autumn
    023. William Control

    Hey, you went to Bamboozle 09 right?
    Saw Sonny?
    Met him?

    Did Lumi come back to Cinema Bizarre?
    Did you learn German?
    Did you see them?
    Meet them?

    Anyone else on the list?

    Still into a lot of makeup?
    Still doing the smoky eye, sorta? How about winged eyeliner?
    Hair still long?
    Bangs intact?
    Side part still there?
    Did you grow your nails out?
    Do a black and white Billicure?
    Stop biting your cuticles?
    Did you GROW?
    Did your boobs grow?

    Still in karate, ja?
    You're yellow belt while I'm writing this, so how far have you gotten?
    How many days a week do you train? Still three?

    Did Jake's hair grow back?
    Did Ron cut his? Did he grow it out more?
    Did he stop dying it black and blue?

    Did you get any more piercings?
    Still want the lipring?
    Tattoos still an idea?
    The Hybrid Soldier on your right calf, Chester's Linkin Park logo tramp stamp, and 'unendlichkeit' on your wrist?

    Any better at Guitar Hero?
    How about Rock Band?
    Ever get a console or are you still a computer goddess?
    Sims ftw?
    Still downloading? How many files is it now? The last I checked it was a little over 7000.

    Still shy?
    Still think you have APD?
    Ever tell?
    Ever get checked out?
    What happened?

    Still straightedge? You better be.
    If you're not, what did you in?
    What exactly was it?
    If you are, still intent on sticking to it?

    Got a job? Or trying?
    Braces off?
    Are you happy with how you look?
    What do other people think?
    Do you still care what they think?
    Did that drive you to the edge again? Explain.
    Are you happy? Please be happy.
    Are you living your life how you want?
    Still scream at mom?

    Well that's all I can think of. I know it's a lot but that's just who you are.

    Love you lots,
    January 1st, 2009 at 09:59pm
  • terby doll.

    terby doll. (200)

    Vatican City State
    terby doll.:

    Hey. Woo. 2K9. How's that treating you? Shit.
    Five months of school left. Wow. Hope you're okay. Are there little flying cars zooming all over the place yet? No...
    Are the Spice Girls still alive? Nah. One of them's about to marry a billionaire, though...

    What color is your hair? Blonde.

    Which school did you end up in? St. Mary's.
    Have you finally gotten your shit together about studying hard? Kinda. =/
    You better fucking have.
    I'm expecting A's in English, Art, French, Irish, Biology and B's in the rest. At least.
    Have you decided to study either toxicology or English and Psychology? Lolololol. Neither. :]

    Which band is eargasmic at the moment? MGMT.
    Do you still have a shit taste in music? Yes.
    Do you still like softcore rawk and stupid club anthems? Meh. Kinda.
    Do My Chem still hold that special place in your heart? Nope.
    Have they released a new album? If so, do you like it? Nope.
    Are Gee and Lyn-Z still together? Dunno. Probably.
    The Used? MSI? Placebo? Meh. They're okay.
    Are the Every Me Every You lyrics still the most beautiful lines of poetry? I guess.
    Do you still have an unconditional hatred for Justin Timberlake? Nah. Peace, man.
    Did you ever fill up your Nano? Haha, not gonna happen.

    Did you forget about this letter? Completely.
    Are you still a Mibba fanatic? Not at all.
    What's your rank? Couldn't be arsed checking.
    Is your profile still full of weird shit? I guess.
    Is your name still alternating between Suck My Innuendo and Rad Username? Newp.
    Are you still finding the time to write? Newp.
    Does Frerard still rock? Newp.
    Are you still writing your novel? Slash? Kinda.
    Do you still adore those special Mibbians? An extremely select few. :]
    Do you still have that Apple laptop with 6849398 viruses on it? It crashed. :[

    Are skinny jeans still around?
    Kill me if no one wears them anymore. :cheese: Thank you Jesus, YES.
    What's your style like? Cool. :]]]]
    Do you still adore your red wool hat? Haha, my what? I has a brown wool hat. :D
    Any new piercings? 10000 new ear ones.
    Has your bellybutton gotten infected yet? Not gonna happen. D:
    Do you still have those groovy Rocketdog boots? Yup. Never wear em though.
    Do you still use MAC? Hellz yeah.
    Are you still obsessed with Prisonbreak, Hollyoaks, and Desperate Housewives? Naaah. Skins ftw.
    Did you finally go back to a hairdresser and stop DIY-ing? DIY-ing ftw. Hairdressers know zilch.
    Do you still like A&F? Loves it.
    Do you still have permanently black [ish] nails? Yesh.
    Has everyone gotten over Ugg boots yet? NO. They are too TOO comfy.
    Is your sister still a Ralph Lauren clone? :tehe: Abercrombie clone. :]
    Is she blonde yet? Totally.

    Did you meet The One yet? Because I'm still holding out for him. Briefly. He gona now. :[
    Did you ever get back with Shawn properly?
    Anything happen there? Who? :/
    Have you figured out what you want yet? Nooo.
    Who you want? Yes. Fuckin' fuck. >:(
    Do you still have a rawk-boy-in-band/smexy boy-smex fetish? :] No....
    Have you forgotten about Mark? [doubt it]. Pretty much.
    Has he forgotten you? Without a doubt.
    Has Alan forgotten you? Dunno.
    Do you still have that reputation. A bit. I'm over it, though.
    Is your heart still getting chewed up and spit out on a regular basis? Totally.

    Is your sister still the raddest thing ever? Yeah. I'm jealous as fuck, though. :]
    Have you started talking to your brother yet? Nope.
    Do you think you ever will? Nope.
    Is he still breaking your mom's heart? Not so much.
    I hope he's not around anymore. Hope he's packed his shit up and gone to universtity somewhere faaaaar away. [He has. Yay.]

    Is Erica still your BFFFFFFFFFFFF? I FUCKING hate her
    Heh, she told me something last night when we were drunk.
    Her sluuuutty little secret. :tehe:
    [she has many of them by now. THe fucking bitch]
    Has anything else happened there? [you know, with her and ____?]
    [I don't know who that was meant to be. But no. She's totally single and alone HA]
    Have you sorted out that fake ID yet? Ish.
    Do you still drink at that bar by the college? Nope. THey cracked down on IDs. :[
    Have you experimented with any new drugs? Ugh. That tranquilliser phase. Let's not speak of it.
    Is beer still your chosen poison? Ew. NO.
    Do you still detest vodka but drink it anyway? Vodka all the way. It's okay.
    Do you still love Bacardi and Orange? Meh. Nah.
    Do you still love being drunk? I hope you aren't overdoing it, missy. May I remind you - exaaaaaaamsssss. Ha don't worry, I'm not.

    Do you still crawl inside your mind and imagine when things get tough? Yesh.
    Do you still avoid problems and pretend that everything will be okay? Totally.
    Have you stopped dreaming and started acting? Ish.
    I fucking hope so. Right, that's my New Year's Revolution. There. And I will come back as the ghost of Christmas past and strangle your skinny little ass if you're still procrastinating.
    Do you still lie? Yup.
    [I told a new one last night.]
    Are you still a dermotillomaniac? Yeah.
    Did the hair grow back? Yes. And not it's gone again. :]
    Do you remember Colin? Hahahaha, oh yeah!
    Do you still imagine running away to London with him to find yourself? Lololol, NO.
    Do you know where you're going, what you want from life and all the rest? I only want him. :[

    Are you happy? No.
    I'm not sure if I'm happy right now.
    Fuckit, I'm not. It's just... ugh. Stresssss.
    Is life better, at least? Dunno. Not really.

    I hope so. I'll try to help you along the way as best I can during 2008.

    Byebyebye, seventeen-year-old Callie. :]

    Good luck.

    From your sixteen-year-old, immature, selfish, justalittlefuckedup former self. =]

    i was such a nerd. :roll:
    February 20th, 2009 at 11:07pm
  • Lies for a Liar

    Lies for a Liar (305)

    Great Britain (UK)
    I feel like doing this. So I will.

    Dear Claire,

    Wow, college. Deep into it. How is college? What you expected it to be?
    Did you end up going to Huish?
    Do you still want to do social work? If not, what do you want to do instead?
    What are your friend's names now?
    Are you still friends with these people: Leah, Amy, Rachel, Charlotte, Pangi, Megan? Are they still in your life at all? What happened with them?
    Does anyone still call you Bee or Bear?
    How existent is the party life? Good or bad?
    What did you get for your 17th birthday?
    How many boyfriends have you had since this? Names?
    Do you have one now?

    Has anything majorly eventful happened in the world? Or just in your life?

    How many times have you seen YMAS now? (current amount: 6)
    Who played at Reading Festival? The good ones, obviously.
    Do you still go to gigs often?
    Are you still a devoted Used fan?
    Did you go to The Used's tour? If so, was it good? Tell the whole story or link to a blog.

    Do you still use Twitter? With Twitterfox?
    Are you still on a desktop or on a laptop now? Still in the room opposite Emma's or moved to the room next mum and dad's?
    Are you still a full time Mibbian?
    Did you forget about this until the reminder I just set on my phone for this day next year at 6:00PM reminded you?
    When was the last time you logged into Mibba before right now?
    If you're still on Mibba do you still use the size=80 post template?
    Do you still write?
    Did Can I Meet You, Alone? ever get finished?
    What's you theme right now?
    Are you still Lies for a Liar? Has it been changed at all?

    Lastly, are you okay?

    Love, your sixteen-year-old self.
    February 20th, 2009 at 11:46pm
  • the dream maker.

    the dream maker. (200)

    United States
    the glory of.:
    Dear Future Me,

    So...you'd be 15 right about now. How is it by the way?
    I'm sure it doesn't suck that bad. it's fine.

    So anyways, let's get to the questions.
    Are you still into Fall Out Boy? haha, yes.
    Did you ever get to see them in concert?
    Did you get to even go to a concert?
    Dude, I hope your life is a lot more interesting that what's happening right now.

    it really isn't, it's just more of the same.

    Are you still at the same school or did you transfer? nah, i'm still here.
    Oh God, I hope Mrs. P transfers and the principal has practiced shortening speeches.

    she's still a bitch, but not as bad as last year. as for the principal...he's still annoying.

    Are you still the smart one, or have you given up on that? still the smart one. i'm just getting lazier.

    Do you still keep in touch with all your old friends? not really. sort of, but no.
    Have you made any more? yes, definitely.
    Do you still keep in touch with him?
    Do you even see him? yes i do. to those both.

    So...these are a lot of questions I'm asking. Tough luck 'cause I'm asking more.
    Anyways...are your your top three favorite bands (Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack, Bedlight for Blue Eyes) still your favorites?
    Or did you just develop another taste?

    i'm trying to be more eclectic when it comes to music.

    Are guys still another major challenge for you to conquer? oh yes.
    Are you more comfortable around them...or are you still in the position where you'd rather bungee jump off the CN tower?

    i actually am not that nervous anymore. i still don't like being around them but i've come to realize that they're not so bad.

    Do you have a boyfriend yet? (Pfft, I doubt that.)

    i've had one. (: honestly, he comes right out of the blue, you will not see this coming.

    How did that semi formal go, by the way? never went.

    Do you still go on Mibba as much as you used to? nope.
    How did you do on the Midterms and Finals? just fine.
    Do you still have a negative attitude on things? very much so.
    Are you still shy? Do you still write poetry and act like your 14 year old self? i'm very shy. i hate poetry, and i am still, essentially, my 14 year old self. i just have a year more of experience.

    Well, that's it, I guess.
    Have fun and don't take yourself too seriously in the future.
    But hopefully you've got some plans about college and shit like that. yeah right.
    And hopefully you're enjoying life. somewhat.
    God, I hope the braces are off now. yes they are. (:

    - Ciara [Friday January 11, 2008]

    P.S. One more question...Are you still in love with him?

    thank god no.
    February 21st, 2009 at 12:50am
  • kurdt cobain.

    kurdt cobain. (200)

    United States
    Hey, Devin;

    Are you still interested in serial killers?
    Do you still want to work in psychology?
    Did you give up on bass, yet?

    Did you ever start that band with Annie?
    Did you help her move into her new house, like you said you would?

    Do formal things still scare the crap out of you?
    Are you embarrassed of what you were, like, now?

    ...Will Jozi really move in with her dad?
    If she did, do you miss her?
    Does she visit?

    How's highschool? Oh, ho, I really want to hear this.

    Does Will ever stop annoying you?

    Please, please, please tell me that you still have your sarcasm still. Argh. I'll die if you don't.

    Do you still like Kurt? Pfft. Dumb question. Nevermind.
    Please tell me you laugh at those obvious references.

    Tell me what happens with the Jeffrey Dahmer janitor.

    Are you amused with school as much as you are now?
    When do you get your braces off?
    Are you still an asshole?

    Did you get Kurt another cupcake, today?
    If not; tsk tsk.
    Do you sign all your letters with a P.L.E. at the end still?
    Did you ever change your name on here? I'll kill you, remember that.

    February 21st, 2009 at 01:10am
  • Letterbombx723

    Letterbombx723 (100)

    United States
    Well hi there Rachie. Naughty

    So, at this time next year, you'll almost be 17. Dang. You grow up too fast! Cry Alright, I'm done acting like an idiot, and using all these pointless smileys... :file: There I go again...

    How do you feel about growing up? College?:
    Do you still want to be a psychologist?:
    Is your mibba username still Letterbombx723? It better be since you've never changed it before...:
    Do you have a job?:
    Can you drive?:
    Does Derek Levine still make you giggle? :shifty :
    Is Vertical Horizon still your favorite band?:
    Do you still have a passionate love for Maroon 5?:
    How's that crush on Corbin Bleu coming along?:
    Is David Archuleta still your only hope for teenage guys?:
    Are you still in the craphole you live in now? Say yes to this and I'll die...:
    Did you grow taller than 5' 5"?:
    How many wisdom teeth do you have in now?!:

    Okay, I guess I'm done interrogating you, future self. Be smart, stay mature, and don't be a dumbass! Good girl.

    Good luck,
    -You A Whole Year Ago.
    March 19th, 2009 at 01:13am
  • dj daynjuh.

    dj daynjuh. (500)

    United States
    Dear Jamie,

    Did you ever get the guts to confront Steve about your feelings?:
    Did he do anything, if you did?:
    Did you ever get to be in a relationship with him?:

    Have you lost your virginity yet?:
    You'll be 17, 18 in 3-4ish months by this time next year.

    Have you lost that weight you wanted to?:
    Are you interested in any other boys?:
    Does Steve still flirt with you?:
    Are you two still friends?:
    If you're more than friends, how long have you been like that?:

    Are you still overly jealous?:
    Do you still over think things?:
    Are you doing as bad this year in school as you were last year around this time?:
    Do you have any enemies?:
    How about Kaleigh, is she still your best friend?:

    I hope a lot of these things are good.

    -Yourself, March 18th 2009
    March 19th, 2009 at 01:20am
  • Sharksnacks.

    Sharksnacks. (100)

    United States
    Hey Hannah,

    Do you still like him?
    Did you and him go out ever?
    s your favorite band still MCR?
    Did you still want to be a Meteorologist?
    Does that one girl still call you names?
    Any other guys like you? Naughty
    How are your grades?
    Do you still want to go to UCLA?
    How are you doing in school?
    Getting any A's?
    Does Grandma J. Still Hate my guts?
    Have I fallen back into depression again?
    Did any jerks leave school?
    Are you writing more stories?
    Is Coke Zero still your favorite soda?
    Are you still Vegetarian(you better be!)?
    Are you still on Mibba a lot?'
    How many friends do you have?
    Has Grandma S. gone to a psychologist yet?

    March 18, 2009

    P.S. See you in a year :)
    March 19th, 2009 at 01:43am
  • ciao bella.

    ciao bella. (150)

    United States
    Hey, me.

    You've still got the edge, right?
    How long has it been since you fell off the bandwagon?
    You still in love with you-know-who?
    Has cute freshman boy noticed that you like him?
    Did you-know-who break up with the girl?
    Are you dating anyone?

    You still in the guard?
    Has Anthem got any more readers/subscribers?
    Did you give up on it or finish it?
    Are you still in IB?
    the PAE?

    Who're your best friends?
    Do you have pen pals?
    Do people actually like you?

    Do you still hear voices (Have any gone away?)?
    Did you ever go get your ankle checked out?
    Are you still journaling every day?
    Has anyone died?

    What's your favorite book?

    Do you still like those little yogurt things at Starbucks?
    Are you still a loser?
    Do people actually like you, now?
    Oh, and are you still all paranoid?
    Still a grammar nazi?

    March 19th, 2009 at 01:46am
  • JimmehSullivan.

    JimmehSullivan. (100)

    United States
    Dear Kaitlin,

    It's 2009, and you've made the resolution to be YOU! AND ONLY YOU! Did you keep that resolution?
    Are you still with David?
    Are you still overly obsessed with My Chemical Romance? (You have been for three years so far...)
    Have you broken anymore phones yet?
    Do you still make straight A's?
    Have you tried drugs like you swore you wouldn't?
    Did you EVER get over Noah and just accept him as a close friend, or a brother?

    High school is tough, but you promised yourself you wouldn't lose your virginity until marriage, that you wouldn't even think about drugs or drinking, and your life would be completely devoted to Christ. Also, you swore to keep the straight A's so you can get into Rutgers.

    Did you ever tell A------ N what you really think about her?
    Are you and L-----Y still amazing friends?
    Is L-----Y okay?
    Did L---A ever get a boyfriend?
    Are you still A----A's cupid?
    Did S---E still going crazy over that one girl? And did A----A get over the loser?
    Are A---R and H-----N still together?

    You helped a lot of your friends with guys. And you helped a couple guys with girls. You're love life may not be perfect like you want, but no one's is. It just seems like it from your point of view. And even as I type this to you in the future, I don't believe myself, but you'll get it then. And you'll laugh, because I am laughing at this now.

    What music do you listen to?
    What's your favorite song?
    Did you ever lose that weight and get back into your bikini and actually LOOK GOOD in it?
    Do you still want to be a fashion designer?
    Do you still really want to go to Rutgers and move to Paris for a while?
    Or do you want to lean more towards going to Rutgers then coming back here and opening your own business?

    Planning ahead has been a big thing for you, and you can't keep changing things up right and left. Especially if they're major changes. By this time next year, you'll be a sophmore, planning your junior schedule, which is when you get to take you first design class if you still wanna be a designer. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

    March 19th, 2009 at 01:46am
  • paranormality.

    paranormality. (100)

    United States
    Dear Kathleen,

    You’re fifteen now, eh?
    Sixteen in what… four months?
    What does that feel like?
    Are you smarter?
    Are you ready to drive?

    Sophmore. How’s that going?
    Beat up any freshman? Are you a sophomore?
    Did you even pass the ninth grade?
    Did your earth systems teacher get fired like you wanted?
    Did anyone sign your yearbook and write something heartbreaking?

    Are you still in touch with all your Mibbians?
    Keeping hold of Claire?
    How’s your marriage going?
    Don’t let go of her.
    Please don’t have.

    How’s Parker?
    Still alive?
    Still with Alyssa?
    Did you ever get him back?
    Are you friends again?
    Does it still hurt just to think about?
    Did you ever even get over him?
    Are you with someone else?

    Dave? Is he alright?
    His parents ever realize that him being gay is not going to change?
    Get a boyfriend?
    Are you still friends?

    What happened with hero?
    Move off to college and forget about you?
    He still dating HER?
    Is he okay?
    Are YOU okay?

    Did you even make it a year?
    Are you still alive?
    Are you reading this?
    Sometimes I have my doubts.
    How’s the weight going?
    Are you eating okay?

    How’s mom?
    Is she alive?
    Did you cry?
    How’s her throat?
    What’re the doctors saying?
    Does she still make you cry as often?

    Dad still a pushover?
    Annie still is.. Annie?

    Do you still love to write?
    Do you want to quit?
    Have you quit?

    Did you ever see MCR live?
    The Used?
    Bright Eyes?

    Are you happy?
    Is everything alright?
    You’re hanging in?
    Can you see yourself living another year?

    Do you hate the girl in the mirror still or have you finally gotten past that?

    March 19th, 2009 at 02:43am
  • Mattgasm

    Mattgasm (100)

    United States
    Dear Diana,
    Do you still love him?
    Does he know yet?
    Do you think he ever will?

    Have you seen Tokio Hotel in concert yet?
    Do you even like them still?

    Are you still writing stories?
    Are you still indifferent to everything?
    Are you and Mollie still friends?
    Is it still pointless, this living thing?
    Are you still a smart ass?
    Anyone die?
    Did you forget about this? Probably...
    Still a little crazy in the head?
    Do you remember being like me?
    Is mom still...mom?
    Have you done anything you regret this year?
    Have you given up piano again?
    Have you fucked up yet?

    This next year is important to me, so I hope you haven't gone and fucked it up.
    March 19th, 2009 at 04:16am
  • budgie

    budgie (100)

    Alison of the future!
    Dropped out of uni yet?
    DON'T. Gawd.
    Told her yet?
    How'd it go?
    Do you still see people from school? (If you don't, shoot yourself. Those girls are the best people you will EVER know.)
    Have you decided how to finish Ringing in the Sane yet?
    Finished any of your books yet? Please have written at least one!
    Have you seen the second season of Heroes yet?
    Do you still miss physics?
    Learnt piano yet?
    Has the band played a gig?
    Seen Green Day live again?
    Is Life in Technicolour still the greatest song ever written?
    Does Romeo and Juliet by the Killers still make you so happy and sad at the same time?
    Still think Mike Dirnt is the sexiest man on the planet?
    Do you still like Imogen Heap?
    What about Alice in Wonderland?
    Perks of Being A Wallflower?
    The colour green?
    Have you gotten a job yet, you lazy bum?
    Still in love with the bloons picture?
    Have you felt as happy as you did when you saw Coldplay/Green Day/Alexisonfire?
    Are you happy?
    March 23rd, 2009 at 12:13pm
  • ward-o

    ward-o (150)

    I'm gonna try another one. For this year.

    Zero, Aimee, Adam, Joe, whatever you go by now,

    How alive are you?
    How alive is your mom?
    How much do you hate your family?

    Do you have more friends than before?
    Are Mint, Lord, Erwin, Dana and Emily still your bffls? -crosses fingers- Please?
    Do you still hate the people you used to hate?
    Do you still want to be friends with the same people you wanted to be friends with?

    Do you think you're a better writer?
    Did you write a wowthatssofuckinamazing story yet?
    Do you still write the same pairings?
    Do you still constantly write SIs but never post them?
    Are your favorite writers still your favorite writers?

    Is he sill your hero?
    Have you kept the faith?
    Have you met them yet?

    Are you still in love with... Joe?
    Do you even like them, still?

    Zero, 2009
    March 23rd, 2009 at 02:07pm
  • Mojo Jojo

    Mojo Jojo (305)

    Hey Me:tehe::
    Are you still good at school?
    Are you still single?
    Are you still social phobic?
    Do you still feel good about who you are?
    Are you more confident now?
    I bet you're wearing something black, you're wearing glasses too 8)
    how does it feel to be 21? Do you still hate to grow up?
    I hope this was a good year for you
    March 23rd, 2009 at 02:33pm
  • McCookies.

    McCookies. (100)

    United States

    Do you still let people call you Bob?
    Do you have any friends in your new neighborhood yet?
    Have you lost any weight?
    Do you have a boyfriend yet?
    Did you get into college?

    Do you think you're beautiful?
    Have you hurt yourself?
    Did Mom get you therapy yet?
    Your sane, right?
    Did Suzanne divorce your dad?
    Does she still make you cry at night?

    Did you get good on guitar yet?
    Can you sing and play at the same time?
    Did your hair grow back?
    Can you drive?
    Do you still talk to Rebekka everyday on AIM?
    Is she still your best friend?
    Does she still tell you she loves you every night?
    Has she had to text you until you fall asleep so you don't do anything bad?

    Are you wearing eyeliner?
    Have your stories gotten more readers?
    Is your writing better?
    Did you finish Boy?
    How many paintings have you done?
    How many sketchbooks have you filled?
    Are you still friends with everyone on Mibba you were friends with before?
    How's Ron?
    Is your post count past 1,000?

    Do you look at Bert McCracken the same way?
    Did you finally meet him?
    Did you meet the rest of them?
    Did you hug Gee yet?

    Do you have photoshop?

    Do you think you're gonna be okay now?

    Don't forget this, okay?

    --Erin, 2009
    March 23rd, 2009 at 02:34pm
  • soft rains.

    soft rains. (100)

    United States
    Dear Meaghan,
    Did you get your grades up?
    Did you get to see any bands?
    Did you make any solid friends?
    Are you still on Mibba?
    Did you reach your goals?
    Did you work anything out?
    Are you still struggling and failing?
    Did he move to Virginia?
    Did she die?
    Do you still walk everywhere?
    Have you grown a spine?
    Have you dated yet?
    Have you gotten in a fight?
    Are you trying to get into a good college?
    Have you lost any weight?
    Have you changed your hair color?
    Get any new piercings/tatttoos?
    Do you have a job?
    Are you still broke?
    Did you do any sports?
    Did you get anything published?
    Did you stargaze with anyone but yourself?
    Did you stop being blank?
    July 5th, 2009 at 05:38pm
  • Lalonde.

    Lalonde. (125)

    Hey Spence,
    Have you settled on a name yet, or are you still throwing up between Max/Zepha/Muis/Spencer/DaizyMay/Annabella/Jordie/Dawson/Lily? I hope you sort it out soon, because it's confusing as hell for me.
    Did you ever end up piercing your tongue webbing?
    Are you Marilyn Manson's bassist yet? Do you still even want to behis a bassist?
    Have you gotten famous?
    Did you become pretty?
    Is your hair back to it's natural colour, or is it beyond recognizable?
    Did you ever actually end up asking J out?
    Do you still have insomnia?
    Have you told Sarah? Lisa?
    How was the Alice Cooper concert? Did you manage to sneak around back and get his autograph?
    Is Leah still alive? Please, let her still be alive and breathing.
    Are you comfy with your curves? Do you still have curves?
    Do you still go on Mibba at 2 AM?
    Are you still drinking pineapple water with Grace?

    I hope you've gotten better, Dawson. Seriously. Or at least picked a mother fudging name. Preferably one that suits your gender.

    Vindictiveness aside, I really hope things have gotten better for you, kid. One name or twenty, I really want this future of ours to be all okay.

    Love, Max.
    July 5th, 2009 at 06:02pm
  • Phyren

    Phyren (100)

    I`ll reply to the letter on the fifth of July 2010 :cute:

    Is Casey still your gf?
    Did she visit you?
    Are you & Rachael still the best friends forever?
    Do you still talk to your best mibba friends?
    Did you get a job at the tattooshop?
    Did you get a job at all?

    I`d better have told my parents about my relationships :XD
    Don`t go on unknwn chats anymore.
    Still addicted to Chocolate?How many times have you cybered?

    :con: <33
    July 5th, 2009 at 09:11pm