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  • pacific.

    pacific. (100)

    United States
    I'mma do this.

    I'm just a little curious...
    Are you still apart of mibba?
    Do you still write?
    Are you still the same insecure, weird, crazy dork of a person I am today?
    Do you still hold the urge to punch Paul in the face every time you see him? (Okay, that wasn't a real question. Don't answer)
    Do you still like the same music?
    Are you still computer obsessed?
    Have you kept all the CD's purchased from this year?
    Do you still ride horses? Have you gotten one of your own?
    Did you go to Bamboozle this year? If you did, was it fun?
    Did you meet someone famous? Did you make a fool of yourself in the process?
    How are you and dad getting along? Is he still a stupid drunk? Is he even apart of your life anymore?
    Have you changed your hair? Your friends?
    Are you even the same person? Or have you changed?
    Who are you now?
    I'm just a little curious...

    the person you once were.

    edit; I OWN THIS PAGE.
    July 5th, 2009 at 09:38pm
  • kwon jiyong.

    kwon jiyong. (100)

    United States

    Are My Chem still your favorite band?
    Did you finally get to see them live?
    Did you meet them?

    Are you keeping your grades up?
    Is it hard?
    Are you better at volleyball?
    Do you get along with your team yet?

    Do you still have more guy friends than girls?
    Are they still you're boys?
    Does he still like you?
    Do you still like him?
    Do you have a guy yet?

    Did you get a date for prom this year?
    Did you have fun this time?
    Are you sad Brandon wasn't there that year?

    Is Sam still always there for you?
    Are you still going to France?
    Did you get a job yet?
    Do you like it?

    Do you still hate people?
    Do they still hate you?

    Is that still you're worst memory?
    Did you finally work things out?
    Can you call yourself a Christian now?
    Did you get over yourself?

    All my love,
    July 5th, 2009 at 09:42pm
  • golfgirl

    golfgirl (100)

    United Kingdom
    Double, sorry.
    July 5th, 2009 at 10:31pm
  • golfgirl

    golfgirl (100)

    United Kingdom
    July 5th, 2009 at 10:31pm
  • the surgeon.

    the surgeon. (200)

    July 10th, 2009 at 02:30pm
  • The Great Garrett.

    The Great Garrett. (100)

    Dear me in 2010,

    How are you going?
    Do you still write or go on mibba or has your life gotten too busy for simple things like this that you used to enjoy?

    Do you still listen to the same bands and lack the ability to keep a straight face giving a speech on a serious topic called war?
    Are you liking school now that you don't have shitty electives and only have 5 terms of it left?

    Do you still play guitar and bass and are you in a band yet? In other words are your ambitions in life still the same?
    Did you get a shamwow or a snuggie from anyone who thought you were serious?

    How was Alaska? Did you even go?
    Did you go anywhere or did that holiday just never even happen and you still lack a life...
    What other shows have you been to and have they been better then the 22nd of August of 2009 or the 25th of Febuary 2009?
    Have you actually had a proper conversation with osmeone famous or semi famous yet?
    Do you still love your current loves?

    Oh how was the formal and what did you wear and did you have a date and was it awesome?
    As of this moment you are listening to Woe- Say Anything,
    Can you drive yet and where have you been?
    You still amaze me
    July 10th, 2009 at 03:31pm
  • Penguin.

    Penguin. (350)

    United Kingdom
    So Emzilly...erm...Hows 2010?

    I'm guessing you'll/ I'll/ Whatever'll read this and think - damn I/ We/ you were such a nerd :XD
    So hows college? Still doing okay with that?
    Do you still play bass, do you still have Scilence?

    Are you over him yet or do you still have that stupid crush on him? :tehe:
    Damn it feels weird calling myself stupid in the future.
    I guess i still will be if I havn't died or anything :D

    Hows GP and Grandma. Are they still okay?
    Is abbey outta the mental care unit? Hows her baby?

    What ever happened to her. I don't wanna post her name, but you'll know who I'm talking about.
    Whats happened to Billie? Is he still there or did he leave?

    Have you had any driving lessons?
    Haveyou got a job?
    Have you lost any of that weight you keep meaning to lose?
    Is your room still all fifth-hand stuff or have you gt anything new?
    did dad actually ever buy you that wardrobe? are all the posters still up in your room?

    I gues I've asked so many questions you're probably sick of me Emzilly :cute:

    July 10th, 2009 at 03:38pm
  • angus young

    angus young (355)

    Eddie, Ella, Jaymz, whatever you wanna call yourself,
    How's it hangin' in 2010-land? Naughty
    Are you the same person?
    Did you ever get that EVH haircut?
    Did you ever get to meet AC/DC?
    Did you send that letter to Metallica?
    Did you and Ryan get together?
    Are you still together?
    Did you get the gigs?
    Did you finish the old video games you said you would?
    Did you continue being yourself?
    Did you continue being strong?
    Are you aware that you are not alone?
    Did any of them die?
    Did you realise they're pathetic?
    Are you still on Mibba?
    Are you still caring about others besides yourself?
    Are you still alive?

    - Ella/Eddie/Jaymz.
    July 10th, 2009 at 04:49pm
  • humanity's strongest

    humanity's strongest (100)

    United States
    It's been a year. :cute: :weird

    How're things going for you? Alright. :}
    You'll be going into high school by the time you read this. How was your last year in middle school? Did you live it up? Great. It was the best year. And, yes, I did. (:
    Did you and Jake ever get on good terms? Is he still a jackass? Yes, we did get on good terms. And yes, but he's getting nicer. :tehe:
    How close are you and Carson now? Are you two like how you were in elementary school? Mmhm, we are. :cute: :brightside:

    Are you still a mibbian? Duh.
    Do you come on as often? Yes.
    Is it still your favorite site? Yes. :weird
    Do you still write? Of course.
    Are you still into photography? Absolutely.
    Are you still friends with all your mibbian friends? A few.

    Are Dobby, Jinx, Sirius, and Luna all still your pets? Yes.
    I'm going to assume you dyed your hair again. What color is it now? Brown with blonde chunks.
    Did you cut it shorter again? How short? Shoulder length. It's growing out though.
    Did you get any taller? Nope, haha.
    You still wear glasses? Mmhm.
    Did you get new ones? If you did, what do they look like? Nope.
    Are you still a vegetarian? No, I had to stop. Sad
    ...You didn't go vegan, did you? If you did, I'm shocked Mom and Dad let you. No, I didn't.

    You still play guitar, right? Of course.
    Is that Epiphone SG of yours still in tact? Yep.
    Did you end up teaching Nina guitar? Or no? Nope, ha.
    Did you ever pick up saxophone again? No. Sad
    If you didn't, is it because of Mr. Vail? Partly.
    Did you ever get a new amp, or do you still play on that piece of shit amp? xD Still playing on the shit one. (:

    How's '09 going for ya? Amazing. In Love
    Did you end up going to Warped Tour in '08? No. Sad
    Go to any concerts since this was written? No.
    If so, who? -
    Did you meet anybody famous? Nope.
    Are MCR and A7X still your favorite bands? Yes.
    ...do Justine, Meg, and you still have Jesus, the penguin? Megan and I aren't friends anymore. But Justine and I still have Jesus though. :XD
    ...still have alittle obsession with Leigh Whannell? A little bit. :tehe:
    Are you still the same dork? Absolutely.

    July 11th, 2009 at 07:56am
  • steven g. rogers.

    steven g. rogers. (205)

    Dear Ana,
    How's senior year?
    Is everything going as you hoped for?
    Is the DOGS movement still going?
    How's the band?
    Have you written any new songs?
    Do you still love the same bands?
    Do you hate Jared Leto yet?
    Have you gotten an award?
    How was your sixteenth birthday?
    Did you get to see any new bands live?
    Are Aimee, Mica, and Sasha still your best friends?
    Have you broken down yet?

    July 11th, 2009 at 08:02am
  • Rabar Dar Jarrar

    Rabar Dar Jarrar (105)

    Dear Kaila of the future,

    - The Olympics are coming! Are you totally psyched or bummed that your city will be crowded with tourists? Is the traffic already terrible?
    - Do you still chill with Jon on the weekends? Did he come through on his "No-drinking" policy? Did he remember your birthday? Do you still love him? Are you on good terms?
    - Did you ever get a job? If not, bad form, go out now and get one, you bum.
    If you got one, where? How is it?
    - Does Sarabeth totally shun you now? Are you surprised by your answer, whatever it is? Do you hang out more with friends in the summer?
    - Oh em gee, you graduated a month or so ago! ... Didn't you? :shifty Are you excited for the rest of your life?
    - Do you still love the good ol' Backstreet Boys? In Love You'd better.
    - Did you lose any friends? Did you make any?
    - Did you resolve your guy issues?
    - Are you happy?
    - Did you tell everybody that needs to know how much you care about them? Did they laugh nervously?
    - Do you still have faith in mankind?
    - Are you unhappy? Do you hate your life? If so, go to Jon's.
    - Did you have your big mental breakdown? It's okay. You're 17. It's natural.
    - I have a word of advice, O Future Me. Yes, life is a bitch. But you know what? Suck it up. You've got friends. Never, ever give up on yourself. If I can get through this year, you can get through anything and everything. I have faith that you'll have made the right choices, and that you will continue to do so.
    - Remember, like Chris says, "You rock, Kaila!"
    Like KH says, "The world needs more truly honest people like you in it."
    Like Jon says, "You are truly awesome. Never change."
    - These are your friends. Believe their words. They will get you through.
    - Oh, and, whatever you're angry at Mom about, stop it. It's probably not that bad.
    - And this is not a load of shit. :con:

    Love, Yourself.
    July 11th, 2009 at 09:43am
  • Alexander Gaskarth.

    Alexander Gaskarth. (100)

    Great Britain (UK)
    Dear Ellen,

    How's 2010 going? Have you completely messed up your life as expected, if you're even alive? That reminds me, did you die in September like that dream said you would? Or are you still alive and kicking?

    Talking of kicking....do you still think Minus IQ kick ass? Are they famous yet? If not, why the hell not? Do they still talk to you, famous or not famous?

    Are you sure of what you want to do now? Cause this past self has no clue.

    Does Daddy still live in Tanah Merah or has he moved? Did you finally meet Annelise? Wow

    Do you finally have a boyfriend? ......No? Nah, I didn't expect you to!

    One last thing. Have you finally found religion and had faith or have you lost belief? Or are you still unsure like now?

    I really hope things work out for you Ellen. xx
    July 11th, 2009 at 11:43am
  • out of order.

    out of order. (100)

    United States
    Dear Spiderman,

    Did you and Mary Jane get back into those nicknames?
    Are you still with Gavin? If you are, you certainly picked a good one.
    Did you get to see him?
    ..is God a part of your life, dear?
    Do you still have your Shitto? I hope you got a better phone.

    How's the shaking?
    Did you end up seeing a doctor about it?
    Was it muscle spasms or was it a sleep disorder?
    Are you still fat?

    So you're 14, who got your virginity?
    I'm kidding, you're still abstinent, right?

    Are Gorillaz still your favourite band?
    Is Boats & Birds still your favourite song?
    Is I Will Follow You Into The Dark still your funeral song or did you decide to choose Boats & Birds?
    Or something different?
    Speaking of funerals, I hope you're still alive.

    How's Al?
    How's Slade?
    How's Eloise?
    How's Riley?
    How's Joanne?
    Is Mitchel still thinking about you a lot?
    ..do you still miss him?

    Are you still getting urges to cut yourself?
    Please don't tell me you're a fuckup.

    How's school?
    Passing, I hope?
    Do you still hang with the same crowd?

    Have you gotten into drugs?
    How's Emily?
    Does she still cut herself?
    Is she still skipping school?
    Has she gotten better?

    Have you moved in with your father?
    How are Liam and Aimee?
    How much have they grown?
    Do you see them often?
    Are you being a good sister?

    Do you still dance in the shower?
    Are your lucky numbers still 13 and 23?
    Is your favourite colour still blue?

    Do you even come on Mibba anymore?

    And good work on not forgetting this, if you haven't..
    You forget a lot of things.
    Do you still forget a lot of things?

    Anyway, I hope I love you to bits, your self-esteem needs improving.
    You're a good girl.. stay that way.

    July 11th, 2009 at 11:56am
  • Cobweb.

    Cobweb. (100)

    United States
    Erika, because assuming you're alive, darling.
    This time next year, you'll be pack for college, soon to leave with your sister to Oklahoma, most likey?
    How are you feeling? I hope not like I am now.
    Did you finish your community serive hours for school?
    What about another story? Are you even still a part of Mibba?
    Did you and Hally...Ever work it out? Are you two alright? If not, did it end positively? Were either of you hurt? Smiley
    Did you ever finish that Berry with Kimmy? How is she, you two stil at it? Are you trying to speak freely? Have plans for a meet, yet?
    It's Jamie's birthday today, you better have not forgotten. :file:
    You stil in love with My Chem, The Used, Panic? Even though Panic did just break a few days ago, remember?
    Are you and the crowd still together at school? All of us? Even the nerds?
    You trying to ease up on yourself? Any newfound confidence?
    Are you still...singing?
    You still a photographer? Oh my, did you ever get your camera? Wow
    You still trying to keep with everyone here and in rl? You better be.
    Still working hard? Still trying your 'hardest'?
    How was AP this year? I'm nervous, I hope that my opinion will change.
    Have you stopped all that self-harm? Including smoking and cutting, dear? I hope you're okay.Smiley
    How is Kriss looking? Gosh, I bet he is so, so tall. He'll be fifteen, then.
    Oh, and you'll be seventeen, going into college. That's weird.
    You happy with where you are?
    You lose weight, fatass?
    You get rid of your acne? Are you anything like you want to be?
    How was 4th of July? That will be three years of vegetarianism. :con:
    How is Victoria?
    I hope you're still in contact with Nicole and Christina. Never forget them.
    Oh! Did you go to Bamboozle, darling? In Love How was that?
    Right now, you're still in the upstairs bathroom about to do touch up with the yellow paint, your sister is listening to lectures in the other room. Dad is downstairs checking his Baseball Fantasy scores and Mom and Kriss are at Nancy Jane, waiting for you to come over at 11:30 to work with them. Just, thought you'd like to know.
    July 11th, 2009 at 06:23pm
  • winterfell.

    winterfell. (450)

    United States
    Dear Luna,

    How are you? Honestly?

    What's it like to be in highschool now? Well, I know that it's technically summer vacation (or at least it should be), but I'm pretty sure you're officially a freshman. How did you like eight grade, now that I think of it?

    Did you lose any friends? Get any back? Make any new ones?

    Have you gone to a concert yet? If you did, who did you see?
    Are you still into the same bands? Found any new ones?

    Do you still have your third generation nano, or have you gotten a new iPod? Do you have a cellphone yet? You'd better. What kind is it?

    Did you get over your "I'm not thin enough" thing? Do you still feel self concious when you go swimming?

    Do you still like being called Luna?

    Did you peek at this letter before a year was up? You better not have missy!

    What is your writing like now? Have you had any good story ideas?

    Did you need get braces because of that one tooth that wouldn't grow out? God, I hope not. Well, if it finally decided to grow out by itself, congratulations!

    What did you think of the new Muse album? Did Amy Lee finally release her solo album? Is Evanescence still together? Are all of the bands you like still toghether?

    Does reading this letter feel a little strange?

    And do you think that you're the same person as you were when you wrote this letter?

    -Your self on July 11, 2009.
    July 11th, 2009 at 06:59pm
  • faramir

    faramir (105)

    Yo, Kaitlyn, Katie, Kate, Tee...Kay... Whatever you are now calling yourself, sup?

    I have a few question's for you, future self... so here we go.

    Do you still love Leonardo Dicaprio?

    What about the JoBros, Tokio Hotel, LOST, Supernatural and Smallville?

    Have you died your hair?

    Is Cassie still taller than you?

    Is highschool still crappy?

    Sam, David and Dj still your bestfriends?

    Are you still lost about religion like I am now?

    Do you still like to write?

    Are you still really self-concious and pretend not to be?

    Are you still wanting to become a teacher?

    How did that parenting course i signed you up for go down?

    Do you finally have a new iPod?

    Do you finally have a boyfriend?

    If yes, is it Jensen Ackles? Please tell me it's Jensen Ackles.

    No? How about Nick Jonas... Joe?.... -sighs-

    How's the new Zelda game that comes out...


    - I hope your happy, Katie from 2009.
    July 11th, 2009 at 08:24pm
  • chum

    chum (100)

    United States
    Hey Zoe -

    I hope you're doing okay. How are you, truthfully? How's everyone?

    How was SLTP? Did you make any friends? (I really hope you did.) How's Dylan? And Kyle, of course - Are you and Dylan still friends? What about Gigi, and Miranda, and Jane? Is Jane really moving?

    You're going to be a freshman, are you scared? You shouldn't be. You have friends, right?

    Were you class secretary, or class anything? What were your superlatives? Did you go out for drama, or did you choose soccer? What about cross country and basketball? Do you still talk to Helene?

    Did Miranda ever get over herself?

    How's your relationship with Mom and Dad? The boys? What was Tyler's first word?

    Did Hopper ever mellow out, or is he still a jackass? Did the rest of the guys finally realize how mean he is, or did the girls finally start being nice to him? Was Mrs. Ventresca your homeroom teacher again? Who replaced Miss Dawley, and who taught math? How's Mr. Petkis?

    Whatever happened to Panic? Did you go to any good concerts? Meet anyone famous?

    Did you find the confidence I've been searching for? Hmm?

    I hope you doing all right,

    July 11th, 2009 at 08:52pm
  • whatsername4892

    whatsername4892 (150)

    United States
    Dear Megan,

    So, you finished high school right? Good. Because if you didn't, your past self is calling you a bum. You heard me!

    I'm assuming you got accepted to college? Where? Still planning on majoring in journalism? Or are did you turn a 180 on me and now you want to major in medicine or something (I curse you if you did this - you know you swore you would stick with journalism / communications your junior year)!!!

    Did that band you started with Laurel / Steve / Jim get anywhere? What about the 'Tangent Triangles'?! Or are we still stuck forevermore in the garage phase? How about your music, chica? Have you written any more amazing songs? Did you finally get to see Green Day in concert - live out that dream you gave yourself in eighth grade?! If you did see them, did you go with Lacey as planned? Any other concerts you saw?

    Are you actually going on the youth trip in 2010? Is it to Nicaragua like Shannon said, or is it just another trip to PA? You still go to church often, right? Or try to?

    Still single?? If not ... what's his name? Or what was his name? Did you like anyone (I'm sure you did). You don't have to tell me, because I'm sure I'll remember, anyway - unless it didn't matter.

    Do you still work at Wendy's? If not, when did you quit? Did you get any new jobs? Did you ever get off of doing the whole 'sandwich duty' thing? Still work with all the same kids ... or is it different?

    How was senior year? You did go to prom, right? Who did you take? Was it a friend or were you actually dating them? And were you a beast on the cross country team? Like, I'm assuming you got first or second for the team at all the races?? How was senior year of marching band? Did you cry? Did the debate team work out again?! Did you join the school play / musical? How about track? You still edit the school paper, I hope? Play piano for jazz band? Pep band?!

    How was not having a real lunch second semester of senior year?! Are you handling all of your classes ok? Like, you don't have senioritis, do you? Try not to be a bum, girl. I know you're a hard worker; don't follow the trend! Did you do senior project? If so, what career did you shadow for? Do you still volunteer at the hospital?

    Do you all ready know your dorm partner? Been through college orientation? Did you get your drivers license? Or are you still planning on being the 'temporary driver' for life?

    It's July right now. A Saturday. I just got off from working at the hospital. Yeah, we talked a lot about creamy Snickers bars and 25 % bigger Twix bars! And Mr. 5-North, of course! :mrgreen: I'm about to go to Sam's grad party in a bit. It's been a lame summer, simply because it's been all work and no play (and no, this is not an exaggeration). Did the family actually take the trip down to D.C. at the end of July? Did you and Lacey go to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame as planned? Cedar Point? Right. I'm still sort of procrastinating on all of my AP English essays. I got a terrible grade, right?! Oh yeah, how bad was my AP History score? My guess is a 2. Who knows? Oh right, you would know. But heck, I could've gotten lucky.

    Take care of yourself, chica. Focus in college - don't fool around, because I know more than anyone that you've worked your ass off to get a 4.1 GPA. You've hardly ever misbehaved. You've done a crap-load of extracurriculars and your journalism portfolio was probably stellar. Don't ruin it. Even if some guy comes into the picture, 'some guy' shouldn't define who you wanted to be. Stay strong.

    ~ You know who I am (2009)
    July 11th, 2009 at 08:59pm
  • Keith Moon

    Keith Moon (450)

    United States
    July 12th, 2009 at 04:52am
  • oxycontin

    oxycontin (150)


    I've been dying to know, how's life so far? Are you still happy?
    Is life finally the way you want it? Or is it the opposite?
    Did you try again? Let's hope to god that you didn't, you'd be letting down so many people.

    Are you at the same school as Tanner is now?
    Is Margaret back in Vancouver yet?
    And the biggest question is, are you three still friends?

    Did you finally tell Andi to shut the fuck up and leave you alone?
    Did you tell Sherry to mind her own fucking business and get her own opinion?
    Are you still friends with any of these people?

    How about now, what's it like?
    Did you finally lose all the weight on your shoulders?
    Can you keep your head up and not look down?
    Are you happy with the person you are now? Tell me, are you?

    Are you still seeing Leah? Has she helped you at all?
    Her counseling got you out of that rut you were in.
    I hope you're not back in it.

    What about Mibba? What's it like now?
    Has it changed? Are you still friends with those Mibbians?
    Has your writing improved at all?

    Have you gotten the new Used album yet? You better have.
    Is it any good? Do they sound any different to their previous?
    Did you go to Warped last year with Daryl? How was it?
    Did you have fun?

    And Ray, are you still friends with that kid?
    That random, spastic kid you randomly met online, that said that he's glad he met you?
    Did he reveal himself as a pedophile yet? XD
    You know he's not, but it's good to be pre-cautious.

    Are you making the grades? Are you satisfying your family?
    Are they disappointed? Do you think they're disappointed?

    I hope you're having a good time. I guess you're what? Sixteen, now?
    I hope these past few years have been the best you've had.
    And I hope you're still happy.

    July 12th, 2009 at 07:24am