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    I know this is a old forum, but I was homeschooled for my seventh grade year and half of my ninth grade year. For seventh grade, my mom didn't want my twin and I to experience middle school or high school, so we were supposed to be homeschooled until we graduated. We did a Christian homeschool program where they sent us these ancient DVDs of teachers teaching our courses that were prerecorded. Some were from the 80's, late 90's, and early 00's. It was hilarious watching the videos and seeing how dated the fashion, hairstyles, and glasses were. My mom was more hands on, too. She took us to this Christian home school kid meet up place where we did some of our classes there, as well. And we would go to the YMCA for home school kids to do gym.

    I didn't like it, but I didn't hate it either. My twin hated it, though. We went back to public school after the end of that year, though.

    Then came ninth grade. I told my mom that I didn't really like High School and I had bad social anxiety. My mom also had gotten mad at me because I'd told one of my friends that our lights had been turned off, and that friend told her mom who went up to my mother in the grocery store and asked her about it. My mom also needed someone to babysit my two youngest siblings at the time, so it was convenient for her if I was home schooled.

    But the program I did this time was online. We had a home computer, and honestly all I remember about that period was putting my youngest siblings on the bus, then waiting for my mom to leave for work. Then, I would click through my lessons, open up Youtube on a separate browser, and spend the rest of the time daydreaming to music videos.

    My grades were horrible and my mom put me back in public school the following year.

    I don't recommend home school, because it doesn't help with socialization. Most of the time, the student is just there by his or herself. Inside all day long. Or at least, that's how it was with both of my experiences. I only ever interacted with my family members. That didn't help my social development. So, by the time I went back to public school, my social anxiety had gotten even worse.

    My younger siblings were homeschooled last year. And all they did was stay in the house. Except for go to Awanas (a Christian youth group). All they have to interact with is each other. And that's not healthy.

    My mom is putting them back into regular school again. Which I think is a good idea.

    Only one of my siblings was never home schooled. But I guess it is good that I had a chance with both public and home school life. So, I don't really regret being home schooled. I know what both are like, so that's a cool experience to have had.
    August 20th, 2018 at 08:33pm