Mibba is a creative writing community filled with resources for aspiring authors to connect with other writers around the world. Mibba grows each day into a more diverse community, featuring a variety of fiction and non-fiction stories, expository articles, poetry, blogging and social forums.

Users are invited to design a personal profile to network with other authors, and to create unique layouts for their writing. Writing resources and extensive user feedback help authors grow and develop their writing. In addition to writing, Mibba provides users with a rich environment to discuss everything from literature and films to politics and current events.

By creating an account on Mibba, users instantly gain access to the following features:


Users can post limitless stories and chapters, with the option to create custom layouts, author’s notes, collections, co-author collaborations, quality ratings and character biographies.


Users can post poems of any genre, categorize them into collections and create custom layouts.


Users can post limitless blog entries on any subject, categorize them and create custom layouts.


Users can write a variety of articles on any subject, including world events, reviews, tutorials, biographies and much more.

Organizational Features

All writing on Mibba includes the option to input search tags and select genres, languages and ratings, to ensure interested readers can locate your work through our extensive search feature.


All writing on Mibba is accompanied with a commenting feature, enabling users to analyze and constructively critique one another’s writing.


Users can store incomplete, works-in-progress on Mibba until they’re ready to post.


Users have access to over forty forums, on subjects including writing tips, culture, books, movies and much more. Users can make limitless posts to communicate and network with other users.


Users are invited to submit and comment on published books to connect to users with similar reading interests.


Every user on Mibba has a personal profile with a customizable layout. All writing posted by an author is available from the profile and enables users to connect. Users are also able to include photos and maintain a friends list on their profile.


Users can subscribe to limitless stories and forum threads, to stay informed about any updates.


Users can recommend other authors, stories, articles, poems, blogs, forum topics, and books to other users.

Writing Tips

Mibba provides an extensive grammar handbook and articles filled with writing tips to help users.