A Guide to BBcode

Bulletin Board Code, abbreviated as BBcode, is a coding language used for the light formatting. On Mibba, BBcode is used for stories, poems, blogs, forum posts and comments.

In BBcode, square brackets are used to enclose a tag. For example:

Raw Code: You can read about [i]Pride and Prejudice[/i] in [url=http://www.mibba.com/Books/Details/357/Pride-and-Prejudice/]Mibba's book section[/url].

Product: You can read about Pride and Prejudice in Mibba's book section.

Notice that in the closing tag, a blackslash is used ( [/i] ). It's important to remember the backslash in closing tags, or the format of your post will be incorrect. Also note that no spaces are used within the BBcode brackets.

Text Formatting

The following is a list of tags that format text.






Bold Text



Italic Text



Underlined Text



Overline Text



Strikeout Text



Subscript Text



Superscript Text

Font Selection




Font Selection


Arial Font

The following fonts work on Mibba:

  • arial-black
  • arial
  • comic-sans
  • courier
  • Georgia
  • impact
  • lucida-console
  • lucida-sans
  • palatino
  • Tahoma
  • times
  • trebuchet
  • verdana

Remember that there are no spaces in font names, but instead hyphens.

Color Selection

There are two methods used to select color on Mibba: BBcode with a color word, and BBcode with a hexadecimal color number.




Color selection


Blue Text

Color selection


Blue Text

Color Words

When using a color word, insert the word after the equal sign in the tag with no spaces. If a color word contains multiple words, include no spaces between words. For example:

Raw Code: [color=yellowgreen]Mibba is a creative writing community.[/color]
Product: Mibba is a creative writing community.

The following color words are available for use:

AliceBlue, AntiqueWhite, Aqua, Aquamarine, Azure, Beige, Bisque, Black, BlanchedAlmond, Blue, BlueViolet, Brown, BurlyWood, CadetBlue, Chartreuse, Chocolate, Coral,CornflowerBlue, Cornsilk, Crimson, Cyan, DarkBlue, DarkCyan, DarkGoldenRod, DarkGray, DarkGreen, DarkKhaki, DarkMagenta, DarkOliveGreen, Darkorange,DarkOrchid, DarkRed, DarkSalmon, DarkSeaGreen, DarkSlateBlue, DarkSlateGray, DarkTurquoise, DarkViolet, DeepPink, DeepSkyBlue, DimGray, DodgerBlue, Feldspar,FireBrick, FloralWhite, ForestGreen, Fuchsia, Gainsboro, GhostWhite, Gold, GoldenRod, Gray, Green, GreenYellow, HoneyDew, HotPink, IndianRed, Indigo, Ivory, Khaki,Lavender, LavenderBlush, LawnGreen, LemonChiffon, LightBlue, LightCoral, LightCyan, LightGoldenRodYellow, LightGrey, LightGreen, LightPink, LightSalmon,LightSeaGreen, LightSkyBlue, LightSlateBlue, LightSlateGray, LightSteelBlue, LightYellow, Lime, LimeGreen, Linen, Magenta, Maroon, MediumAquaMarine, MediumBlue,MediumOrchid, MediumPurple, MediumSeaGreen, MediumSlateBlue, MediumSpringGreen, MediumTurquoise, MediumVioletRed, MidnightBlue, MintCream, MistyRose,Moccasin, NavajoWhite, Navy, OldLace, Olive, OliveDrab, Orange, OrangeRed, Orchid, PaleGoldenRod, PaleGreen, PaleTurquoise, PaleVioletRed, PapayaWhip, PeachPuff,Peru, Pink, Plum, PowderBlue, Purple, Red, RosyBrown, RoyalBlue, SaddleBrown, Salmon, SandyBrown, SeaGreen, SeaShell, Sienna, Silver, SkyBlue, SlateBlue, SlateGray,Snow, SpringGreen, SteelBlue, Tan, Teal, Thistle, Tomato, Turquoise, Violet, VioletRed, Wheat, White, WhiteSmoke, Yellow, YellowGreen

Hexadecimal Colors

In addition to using color words, you can also use hexadecimal codes. For example:

Raw Code: [color=#0000ff]Text[/color]
Product: Text

When using a hexadecimal code, you must include the pound sign (#) before the six digit color code. A hexadecimal color selector is available on Mibba's post design page.

Gradient Text

Function Tag Example
Gradient Text Color [gradient=#0056FF,#987643]Text Here[/gradient] Text

When using gradiated text, you must use hexadecimal color names, not word color names. You also must include the # character before each color number.

Size Selection




Size Selection


Large or small Text

Size selection is based off of percents in BBcode. For example, "size=100" would yield default sized font, where "size=200" would yield font twice as large as the default.





Bulleted List


  • List Item 1
  • List Item 2

Decimal List


  1. List Item 1
  2. List Item 2

You can include any number of items on a list. Before each item on the list, include the bullet tag ( [*] ). Don't forget to include the closing tag ( [/list] ) or the allignment of your post will be off.


In addition to formatting text, BBcode can be used to share media on Mibba.







When using the image tag, it's important to use a direct image link. You can obtain a direct link by right clicking on an image and viewing the image URL. If you have a direct image link, typically the URL will end with .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, or .png. You can upload images from your computer to websites such as TinyPic to share them on Mibba.


Function Tag
Imbeded Youtube Video [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/...[/youtube]

When using the Youtube tags, it’s important to use the URL that appears in your browser’s address bar. The URL provided by Youtube’s “share” button will not work with BBcode.


Function Tag Example
Left [left]Text[/left] Text
Right [right]Text[/right] Text
Center [center]Text[/center] Text
Justify [justify]Text[/justify] Text

The alignment tags can be used to align text, images and videos.


Function Tag Example
Hyperlink [url]http://www.Mibba.com[/url] http://www.Mibba.com
Hyperlinked Text [url=http://www.mibba.com]Mibba[/url] Mibba

When using the text hyperlink tag, you must include the equal sign and a closing bracket before the text you want to hyperlink.

Nestling Tags

You can combine BBcode tags and nest them to achieve a desired effect. For example:

Raw Code: [b][u][url=http://www.mibba.com]Text[/url][/u][/b]
Product: Text

When nesting tags, it’s important to coordinate the opening and closing tags. In the example above, since bold is the outermost opening tag, it must be the outermost closing tag. Color is both the opening middle tag and the ending middle tag, and underline is the innermost opening and closing tag.

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