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The active user base on Mibba makes the site friendly, fun and very functional. If users experience a glitch on Mibba, they’re quick to let the staff know what’s going on so the issue can be resolved. Mibbians also hold each other to high standards, and expect the site rules will be followed. Reporting rule violations on Mibba is very important, and helps the staff maintain these high standards as well. In this article, I’m going to discuss the reporting system and the best way you, as of now, can file a report.

How to Make a Report

Because Mibba's "report" buttons are still a work in progress, you can and should make reports directly to staff members. You can find a list of all our staff members on Mibba’s Member Page. You can browse staff according to their position: story editors, poem editors, article editors, blog moderators, board moderators and administrators.

To make a report, send a staff member a private message. It’s important that you do not report users via a profile comment, forum post or some other public way, as we do not want users to become defensive or upset when they are reported. Do not confront a user breaking the rules or handle rule breaking on your own; that is not allowed on Mibba and it should be left up to the staff. When reporting, include as much information as possible. Include links to offending profiles, comments, stories, etc. Explain which rule you believe was violated.

By sending your report directly to a staff member, you ensure that it will be seen and handled quickly. When your report is addressed, you can expect a reply message from a staff member with information about the status of your report.

If you’re unsure about a particular rule, you can always visit the Knowlege Base for confirmation. When in doubt, send a report. Your report will be kept completely confidential, and there is no penalty for reporting something that’s not against the rules. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

To Whom Should I Send My Report?

The following lists address commonly reported problems on Mibba. If you have an issue not listed, you should likely contact an administrator, though any staff member can deliver your report to the correct place.

Report to Story Editors:

  • Story plagiarism
  • Comment swap issues
  • Something posted as a story that is not a story
  • Incorrectly rated stories
  • Stories listed under the wrong type
  • Bashing or insulting story comments

You can find a full list of story guidelines here.

Report to Poem Editors:

  • Plagiarized Poems
  • Something Posted as a Poem That is Not a Poem
  • Famous Song Lyrics or Poems Posted by Users
  • Poems Listed as the Wrong Type
  • Incorrectly Rated Poems
  • Bashing or Insulting Poem Comments

You can find a full list of poem guidelines here.

Report to Article Editors:

  • Plagiarized Articles
  • Articles with Excessive Spelling or Grammar Errors
  • Articles with Formatting Issues
  • Bashing or Insulting Article Comments

You can find a full list of article guidelines here.

Report to Board Moderators:

  • Duplicate Threads
  • Double/Triple Posts
  • Spamming
  • Bashing or Insulting Posts on the Forum
  • Threads That Could Fit in Another Thread
  • Threads That Need to be Locked
  • Threads That Need to be Deleted

You can find a full list of forum guidelines here.

Report to Blog Moderators:

  • Blogs That Are Too Short
  • Blogs That Are Spam
  • Blogs That Are Bashing or Insulting
  • Blogs With Profanity in the Title
  • Blogs That Are All or Mostly Copy and Pasted Material
  • A Blog That Is Repeatedly Posted

You can find a full list of blog guidelines here.

Report to Administrators:

  • Duplicate Accounts
  • Bashing or Insulting Anywhere on the Site, Including Private Messages
  • Site Errors or Glitches
  • Illegal or Pornographic Content
  • Spam Accounts (Bots)
  • Photo Gallery Images Not of a User
  • Chat Room Conflicts

You can find a full list of general site guidleines here.

An administrator can help you with any issue on the site. If you’re ever unsure of whom to contact, talk with an administrator.

When the reporting system is functional, we will alert users with a site wide update. Until then, please feel comfortable and welcome to contact any site staff member with problems you encounter on the site.

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