Adding/Editing Characters

Quick Link: My Mibba >> Stories >> Characters

If you’d like to share information about your characters outside of your stories, you can use Mibba’s Characters function. Once you create and add characters to your story, readers can view them by clicking the tab on the top of your story’s page.

Creating a New Character:

  1. Go to your My Mibba page.
  2. Click your Stories tab.
  3. Click the Characters tab.
  4. Click the New character button in the top-right corner of the page.

Now comes the actual creating of your character.


1. Choose an image of your character from your computer.

2. Type in the name of your character.

3. Choose the age of your character.


4. Choose the gender of your character.

5. Choose the sexual orientation of your character.

6. Here you can type in a description of your character.


7. Type in tags for your character. Tags are like keywords describing your character, making it searchable in the stories section.

8. Hit Submit!

The little red asterisks next to a few of the option are required fields. If you do not fill them in, you won’t be able to create your new characters. The other fields are optional.

How to Edit or Delete a Character:

On the characters’ overview page you can easily edit or delete your character simply by hitting the Edit or Delete buttons underneath the description of your character.

Adding a Character to Your Story:

Once your character is created, you can add them to your story by returning to your story's info. At the bottom of your story's info page, you'll see the option to add any character you've created.

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