Mibba’s Books Is Open and Awaiting Submissions

Before the big upgrade, Mibbians were asked to help us prepare for a new addition to the site: Mibba’s Books. In this new section of the site, members can browse book titles by author, type, genre, or keyword and share their opinions on those books through the comments sections. Mibbians can also add books they’ve read to their own booklists (found on the each members profile) and even recommend their favorites to other Mibbians.

So far, we have over 1600 books in our database but, as we all know, there’s much more published works out there. So, again, we’d like to urge Mibbians to continue to submit more books.

How to Submit a Book

Submitting a book is a fairly simple process. From the Books section, just click the aqua-blue “Submit a book” button which will take you to your My Mibba:Books page. From there you can see any books you have pending approval and you’ll be able to submit new books as well.

For every approved book you submit, you’ll receive 5 new points.

Some Things to Remember

When submitting books, there’s a few things you should keep in mind to help cut down entries deleted due to error.

  • We only need one listing for each book so please do a quick search before submitting a book. You can search for existing books on the Books main page, the search box is in the top-right corner.
  • Only submit published books, not Mibba stories or other pieces of online works.
  • All book descriptions must be written in your own words. Submissions with descriptions taken from other sources will not be approved.
  • The Drama type is for plays and scripts. The Prose type is for novels (including graphic novels). The Poetry type is for poems and poem anthologies.
  • List the earliest publish date of the book (not the publish date of your edition). A quick search on sites like Goodreads.com will usually turn up the correct publishing date.

Don’t Know What to Submit

If you’d like to submit some books but you don’t know where to start, here are some things to consider:

  • Try searching for books that are part of a series. If you see that some books from a series are missing, you can submit those books.
  • If you have a favorite author, look through their bibliography and if some of their works aren’t in Mibba’s Books database, add them.
  • Whenever you read or buy a new book, do a quick search here on Mibba, if it’s not in our database, submit an entry.

Building up Mibba’s Books section is definitely a task to take on, but if everyone pitches in, we can get it done in no time.

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