Staff Update: Meet the Knowledge Base

Mibbians, gone are the days when vital site information lay scattered randomly all over the forums. With the introduction of Mibba’s Knowledge Base, you can find everything you need to know about Mibba and more in one convenient place. The Knowledge Base is an evolving project, and more information will be added regularly.


The Guidelines section of the Knowledge Base contains all of Mibba’s rules and general site information. Right now, rule articles are present for all main sections of Mibba, and there is a detailed layout FAQ. In the coming weeks, you can expect a tutorial on navigating My Mibba and an informative article about the soon to be updated comment swap!


Spelling and grammar are important on Mibba because of the high standard we all hold our writing to, and this part of the Knowledge Base is designed to help with that! The grammar section of the Knowledge Base is down-to-earth and easy to read, whether English is your first or fourth language. This section contains articles on some of the most common grammar problems, such as punctuation and sentence errors.

Writing Tips

The writing tips section of the Knowledge Base is a gold mine for ideas to implement in your own writing. Here, you can find articles on topics such as prewriting strategies, characterization, foreshadowing, choosing a title and so much more.

Many of the articles in this Knowledge Base section apply to general writing and stories, but staff members are diligently working on poetry themed writing tips. After that we’ll begin tackling expository writing tips for articles! So, be sure to keep checking up on the writing tips section for new information.

Site Sections

Each main section of Mibba has a knowledge base category:

In each of these sections, you will find tutorials, posting guides, and categorization information useful to that section. The Article Basics article also contains a video tutorial, and we plan to create video tutorials for all sections of the site for our visual learners!

*The blog section of the Knowledge Base is currently empty, as we are working to complete a blog FAQ and blog tutorial that will be finished in a few days.

Tips for Using the Knowledge Base

  • The articles in the knowledge base are arranged alphabetically, to help with navigation. The articles are also heavily tagged, so you may utilize the search bar to find articles easily. The link to access the Knowledge Base is located on the bottom tool bar.
  • Provide feedback on articles! All knowledge base articles list the author at the bottom of the article. If you see something that you think is awesome, let us know about it! If you see something confusing or a missing topic, let us know about that too, so we can fix it.

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